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Venus-Neptune trigon. Creators of two worlds

Unlike sextile, the positive effect of a trigone (trine) lasts a lifetime. However, there is one condition – you need not only to take the gifts of higher powers, but also to develop talents given by nature. It is especially important to accustom yourself to regular work of the owners of the trigon, which includes the creative planets Venus and Neptune. There is something sublimely beautiful in the very appearance of its bearers, as if they had descended from the canvases of great artists.

The native exists in two worlds: the material world, where he seeks to help the unfortunate and disadvantaged, and the mystical world, when he meditates or dreams. Moreover, both realities are perceived with the same interest and attention. The main danger is to leave for the land of illusion for good and forget about the need to develop the talents of a painter, poet and artist.

Possibilities of the Venus-Neptune trigon

People with this aspect feel special, created for art, love and communication with enlightened gurus, therefore they are selective in communication. They hate rudeness, rudeness and familiarity. Even if their family is far from aristocracy, by their behavior, style and deeds, they strive to approach the higher social stratum.

The use of graceful rhetoric, sophisticated clothing, combined with fine manners, includes the energies of the Venus-Neptune trine as well as creative expression. Aspect bearers strive to get higher education and do not accept simple routine work. They need the fame of an artist and an intellectual duel, and the process of creative burning is more important than a big salary. They are ready to defend their artistic tastes and theories belligerently and boldly, especially if Venus and Mars are in the element of fire. Trigon (trine) gives spirituality of character and abilities:

  • mercy, diplomacy, mental sensitivity;
  • healing abilities, the gift of a medium and a psychologist;
  • artistry, beautiful voice, amazing sense of color and harmony;
  • responsiveness, kindness in communication, hospitality;
  • being lucky in the culture, show, wellness and beauty industries;
  • lofty thinking, prophetic dreams, religiosity;
  • the ability to revive the desperate to life, to arrange pleasant surprises in the place, to enlighten dark minds.

Self-asserting themselves in the world of show business, owners of the Venus-Neptune trine should avoid alcohol and drugs, to which they instantly become addicted. We expect success as an actor when Venus or Neptune is in the 5th house , and if one of them is in the 7th or 11th sector of the horoscope, then financial prosperity will come through friends and co-authorship.

Love and family with Venus-Neptune trigon

Both men and women have very inflated and idealistic ideas about love and intimacy, which brings a lot of disappointment, but thanks to the influence of the trigone, they do not despair, but continue to seek the material embodiment of their dreams in a real person. A classic example of a girl with a Venus-Neptune trine is Assol waiting for a ship with scarlet sails. If the position of the planets is strong, then she will really attract the prince by the power of her faith. Moreover, the aspect promotes acquaintances in unusual places under mystical circumstances. A man is looking for a gentle and quivering Cinderella, trying on a virtual shoe of his expectations on an outwardly beautiful woman. A bright appearance is a magnet for a native.

The problem is, building strong relationships of trust is difficult. Carriers of the Venus-Neptune trine are completely impractical, prone to emotional outbursts and mood swings. Unearthly love overwhelms them when the object is inaccessible and surrounded by a romantic aura of mystery. As soon as he comes to their doorstep, ready to enter into a long and open relationship, the fabulousness dissipates, and they back down. Knowing this, one should deliberately avoid prison affairs, as well as ties with married and married people.

Practical application of the Venus-Neptune trigon

Fateful events in the life of a native take place near huge reservoirs and places of power of historical importance. The carriers of the Venus-Neptune trine themselves feel the need to travel by sea, visit Stonehenge or the Colosseum. In such places, not only spiritual insights await them, but also meetings with people who will have a strong influence or support.

It is also useful to visit museums, meetings with artists and poets, painting exhibitions and fashion shows. Even if suddenly the native’s profession is not directly related to creativity, it is necessary to give vent to feelings, doing your favorite hobby or find a non-standard way of performing work duties.

The natural need for those with the Venus-Neptune trine is empathy for other people’s problems, but it also includes psychosomatic illnesses. You need to transform empathy into action: do charity work. The native often initiates concerts and performances in hospitals and nursing homes, realizing the karmic power of both planets.

While maintaining the creative vibrations of the trigon with natural stones, it is important not to overbalance Neptune. Jewelry combining zircons with diamonds and emeralds will be a wonderful talisman. Jadeite , amazonite and aventurine are also suitable .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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