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Trigon Jupiter – Ascendant. A great ship asks deep waters.

Trigon brings good luck that works constantly. Of course, if you sit back, then the return will be less, or a lazy and imposing attitude towards life will appear, which itself brings everything that Emelya wishes on the stove into her hands. However, an active person, grabbing happy chances and looking far into the future, will be given even more.

Especially when the second participant of the aspect is the planet of prosperity and wealth – Jupiter . Such a trigone provides the ward with all the benefits of the Universe: health, luck, financial wealth, the location of higher officials, constant spiritual development and business expansion. Only the figure will have to be monitored carefully: Jupiter increases not only well-being, but also creates excess weight in the conditions of the luxury offered.

Features of the trigon Jupiter – Ascendant

Lovers of grand gestures and theatrically furnished good deeds have a royal appearance and a generous nature. They are optimistic, noble and love live contact with a huge audience. Influencing opinions and guiding people towards high goals is easy, because generosity, goodwill and compelling personal charisma delight crowds of fans. This is the case when even the enemies like the native a little, and they will not cause serious harm.

Friends are of great importance in life, which is especially pronounced if Jupiter is in the 11th house or is associated with its ruler. Thanks to his comrades, the owner of the Jupiter-Ascendant trine attains a high social status, and this happens faster when they are simultaneously his colleagues.

Teamwork related to public activities: politics, theater, business and charity brings monetary prosperity, and if the planet of happiness is in the 3rd house , it will be an incredible educator, gathering full audiences of students. 6th house is an indicator of professional success in medicine and humanitarian missions, service for the good of the Motherland. But to quickly achieve goals, it is important to consider other gifts of the trigone:

  • personable appearance, large head, lush curls, wide shoulder turn, but men tend to enlarge the abdomen with age;
  • optimism, self-confidence, king’s charm, extensive knowledge in various fields and a passion for learning;
  • the ability to attract money with one desire and to strengthen financial positions with investments;
  • brilliant organizational skills, the talent to bring even bankrupt companies to leadership positions;
  • wit, enjoying the pleasures of life at the same time with loved ones: dining in a luxurious restaurant is tastier with friends and giving presents is more pleasant to others than to yourself;
  • success in cooperation with foreign partners or while working abroad.

At the same time, 90% of representatives of this aspect are superficial and frivolous, especially if Jupiter or Ascendant is in the air signs. They do not like when people are too attached to them and depend on their patronage. Helping with pleasure at the start, the native cannot stand being a cash cow and does not tolerate infantilism.

Love and marriage with the trigon Jupiter – Ascendant

The problem of men and women with this aspect is that at the first acquaintance and subsequent months of courtship, they appear to the chosen ones as well-mannered, subtle poetic natures with high spiritual aspirations. This is indeed part of their nature, but no more than a social mask that hides tremendous ambition, jealousy and a penchant for adventurism.

Yes, more often than not, a man with the Jupiter-Ascendant trigon breaks a big sum of money by investing all the family’s money in a risky venture, but will his wife like to constantly worry about the future? A woman with this aspect will prefer career races to home comfort.

Fame and wealth excite the native’s imagination, and the desire to become their owner will not let him belong entirely to the family. Good partners are the owners of Mars and Venus in the signs of fire, earth and air. In any case, the carrier of the trine Jupiter – Ascendant will respect only those who build a career and make money, even if it is a life partner.

Practical interaction with the trigon Jupiter – Ascendant

The main factors of success in destiny are partners that influence personal growth and long trips, where a person draws the wisdom of other cultures, exchanges experience and knowledge, and makes useful contacts.

Even if there is no opportunity to travel constantly, the Internet will become a source of compensation, where the native will be able to communicate, study and get acquainted, which in the future will serve for the benefit of financial and personal success, and possibly a prerequisite for a happy marriage.

People with the trigon Jupiter – Ascendant are somewhat superficial and easily grasp “star fever”, so it is important to engage in spiritual practices: meditations, prayers, as well as arrange fasting days (working on Saturn to remove obstacles) and engage in astrology to understand the tools for harmonizing the risks of your natal chart .

They need talismans made of natural stones that help in the quick attraction of the desired wealth, but without losing spirituality and connection with the higher intelligence of the Universe. It is recommended to wear yellow sapphire , amethyst , charoite, chrysocolla and fluorite, set in gold.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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