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Jupiter in the 3rd house

Finding Jupiter in the 3rd house of the natal chart indicates the versatile interests and good intellectual abilities of the subject. House 3 is responsible for studying, collecting and processing various information, receiving and transmitting various information. Jupiter – the planet of knowledge – enhances the meaning of the house in question. The topic of training and education becomes very important in the life of a native.

Jupiter symbolizes broad knowledge, wisdom and generalization talent. The owner of the horoscope surprises those around him with his profound statements and philosophical sayings.

House 3 and Jupiter are also associated with travel and travel. A person loves to travel around the world and thereby learn a lot of new and interesting things for himself.

Brothers, sisters and other close relatives walk through the 3rd house. Since Jupiter is a good planet, the native feels happy, closely interacting with relatives. There is a lot of positive, help, protection and mutual assistance in relationships.

Abilities and characteristics of human behavior

The owner of Jupiter in the 3rd house is sociable, inquisitive and has great erudition. Such people love to read, are interested in the opinions of smart people and are constantly expanding their horizons.

Their circle of acquaintances is large, and they easily start relationships with a variety of people. A native can maintain overseas contacts and have many friends and well-wishers abroad. Communication with teachers, spirit guides and enlightened people takes an important place in the life of the owner of Jupiter in the 3rd house.

Having accumulated the necessary knowledge and experience, such a person himself becomes a storehouse of wisdom for many. People are drawn to this bright, positive, fair and benevolent person. For everyone, he finds words of support, good advice or friendly parting words.

The owner of Jupiter in the 3rd house of the radix can realize his talents and abilities in educational, research, consulting and teaching activities. By the nature of his work, he can travel a lot. He is especially attracted to trains. Rail travel evokes feelings of happiness, hope, joy and romance.


Jupiter and its aspects

The richer Jupiter is aspected, the greater the intellectual potential of a person and the wider the possibilities for his development. The tense aspects of this luminary with other planets will indicate the native's dissatisfaction with his level of education, which will spur him on to master more and more new subjects. In studies, there may be problems due to the too independent and freedom-loving nature of the subject and his unwillingness to agree with the teachers in everything. It is best for such a person to independently draw up a program and training plan for himself.

Harmonious aspects of Jupiter will tell about easy and quick assimilation of the educational material. The information necessary for training will always be available to the subject. The surrounding people will supply such a person with good books (encyclopedias, rare and foreign editions, etc.).

Jupiter and zodiac signs

The zodiac sign, which is Jupiter in the 3rd house, will tell about the range of interests of the native. Jupiter in the earth signs of the zodiac ( in Capricorn , in Taurus and in Virgo ) indicates a deep study of exact, applied and financial sciences.

Jupiter in the signs of Air ( in Gemini , in Aquarius and in Libra ) will arouse interest in literature, the study of foreign languages, as well as in science and art, and in the signs of Fire ( in Sagittarius , in Aries and in Leo ) – in management, politics and legislative activity.

If the planet is located in Pisces , Cancer or Scorpio (that is, in water signs), then the subject has both a rich imagination and a good grasp in earthly affairs. He may be attracted to psychology, literature, biology, chemistry, or finance.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Jupiter in 3rd House:


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