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Jupiter in the 6th house

Jupiter is called the planet-benefactor because it brings positive, joy and broad perspectives to a person's life. The house of the horoscope, in which Jupiter is located, will indicate the sphere of life in which a person feels most successful and happy.

The sixth house has a negative meaning, since it is associated with illness and the performance of routine duties and work that does not require higher education. Any planet in the 6th house of the horoscope activates these topics in the life of a native. Such a person struggles with ailments, is forced to work hard and follow other people's instructions.

And yet the favorable action of Jupiter plays an important role here. The subject not only successfully heals himself, but also helps others to heal by sharing the necessary information with them.

In addition, Jupiter in the 6th house of the radix makes a person a professional in his field, brings him respect and authority.

Personal characteristics of the native

The possessor of Jupiter in the 6th house of the radix is ​​smart, diligent, attentive and efficient at work. Over time, he accumulates a wealth of practical experience in his work and generously shares it with his colleagues.

A native can realize his rich creative potential at work. He can be attracted by tourism, law, teaching, medicine, photography and much more. The main thing for the possessor of Jupiter in the 6th house is to help expand the prospects and horizons of other people, improve their quality of life, show the beauty of this world and take care of public justice.

The owner of such a Jupiter can be an excellent diagnostician. But even if a person has not received a medical education, he can help others with wise advice and recommendations based on his own experience of overcoming ailments.

People with Jupiter in this field show a sincere interest in the animal world. If they have pets, they try to create the best living conditions for them. Usually their animals are of good pedigree and overseas origin.

Jupiter and its aspects

The presence of numerous negative aspects in Jupiter speaks of the native's tendency to disease. The reason may be overeating or poor lifestyle choices. The owner of the horoscope either exposes himself to excessive physical (sports) stress, or leads a sedentary lifestyle and refuses physical education. You need to be especially careful about the condition of the liver and monitor your vision.

Health problems affect the quality of the native's work. A person can be unsettled by constant business trips, unfounded accusations and ideological conflicts in the work collective.

The good aspects of Jupiter allow the native to restore health in a short time. He finds competent doctors who make accurate diagnoses, and takes exactly those medications that help eliminate the cause of the disease.

As for work, a subject with a harmonious Jupiter in the 6th house, depending on the situation, can prove himself both as a quick performer and as a good leader who knows how to find an approach to his subordinates.

Jupiter and zodiac signs

Jupiter in the signs of his strength ( in Sagittarius , in Cancer and in Pisces ) more easily manifests his qualities, which means that respect and honor quickly come to the native, and his talents are revealed in the best way at work. The native is regularly treated, and diseases are overcome quickly.

Essentially weak and damaged Jupiter provokes the development of chronic diseases. Jupiter in Capricorn gives a tendency to diseases of the skeletal system, and Jupiter in Virgo gives problems with digestion. The owners of Jupiter in Gemini should take care of their eyesight and the state of the respiratory system.

Lilia Garipova

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