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Trigon Jupiter-Neptune. The artist in the image of Santa Claus

Trigon is a favorable aspect, but it can do the owner a disservice. The aspect connects the planets located in the same element of different signs. This makes a person’s giftedness and uniqueness especially noticeable and bright. But there is a small nuance. Having got used to easily receiving benefits from a divine source, the native relaxes and ceases to rely on himself, abandoning the systematic development of abilities and education.

This applies to the owners of the trine (trine) Jupiter-Neptune, unusually talented in the artistic and literary terms, but not adapted to the everyday and material level of being. Great luck comes to them in the form of sponsors and patrons who take an active part in their destiny. Often they receive help from others just like that, without having done anything yet worthy of comprehensive support. However, generosity, nobility of thoughts, striving for high ideals also generate sympathy for the native. The danger lies in the rapid addiction to a parasitic lifestyle and laziness.

Jupiter-Neptune trigon possibilities

The idea of ​​the Supreme Mind of the Universe excites the consciousness of man and encourages him to seek contact with him through religion and prayer practice, meditation, and creative ecstasy. Holders of the Jupiter-Neptune trine spread an aura of light, warmth, meekness and peacefulness, moreover, they are naturally endowed with healing abilities.

Even just by listening to the interlocutor, they alleviate his condition or push him to productive ideas that get out of depression. It is important for them to find their own ideological core, confidence in a certain religious denomination, and then the worldview system will acquire clarity and clarity, and most importantly, it will not allow them to become a consumer of other people’s bounties.

The spiritual growth of a native is possible only in the service and protection of others. It’s not just charity, medicine and volunteering. To create masterpieces of art and literature, leading to the enlightenment of millions of people, is also a worthy goal.

It is also possible to fulfill the mission in politics through the creation of useful social programs and work in international organizations to save the world. The strengths of the Jupiter-Neptune trigon will help in these tasks:

  • aura of romantic attraction, idealism, humanism, empathy;
  • artistic talent in music, acting, singing, drawing, poetry, photography, design;
  • predisposition to the ministry of a priest and monk;
  • heightened sense of social justice, craving for esotericism and folk healing on a par with medicine;
  • teacher’s talent with a non-standard, individual approach to students;
  • altruism, compassion, a spiritual approach to problem solving.

At a low level of spirituality, the native is capable of becoming a talented fraudster using a spiritualized romantic image for large-scale scams in the highest social circles.

Love and marriage under the trigon Jupiter-Neptune

Despite a certain infantilism and sensitivity, men and women with this aspect strive for a dominant position in marriage. Only this is expressed in emotional terms: one hundred percent attention, participation and support of the partner should be aimed at fulfilling the dreams of the owner of the Jupiter-Neptune trine. Intuitively or at the behest of fate, they surprisingly accurately choose a sacrificial and kind person as a wife or husband, who sincerely seeks to make the life of a talented companion easier, freeing him from everyday and material difficulties.

However, if a solar or ascending sign is in the element of fire or earth, then the native’s infantilism is not so obvious, it is more difficult with air and water ascendants, if, moreover, the participants of the trigone are in similar elements. However, in response, the carriers of the Jupiter-Neptune trine give mutual attention and consolation in difficult moments, and their talent to bring the music of the higher spheres, harmony and inner light into the dullness of everyday life makes the partner perform household duties without complaints. The exception is the position of one of the planets in the 6th house, when the daily routine becomes an obligatory part of spiritual service and growth.

Practical interaction with the Jupiter-Neptune trigon

Enthusiasm and boundless faith in the abundance of a loving universe is often extinguished in communication with down-to-earth critics. The native is disappointed or hides his true beliefs, fearing ridicule. To achieve success, you should not distort your magical nature or not trust it. The ideological school of positive thinking appeared in America on the Jupiter-Neptune transit, and millions of its supporters around the world prove the materiality of thoughts and beliefs.

The native was given the freedom to dream and make desires come true from birth. The main thing is to comply with the environmental friendliness of requests so as not to harm others and not to become dependent on alcohol, drugs, toxic relationships, which is likely with additional negative aspects to Neptune from the Moon and Venus. For the happiness of the trine holder, it is necessary to create, help others and engage in spiritual practices. To strengthen the internal energy, you should periodically retire from the world, staying in nature near the water or in a monastery.

Natural stones will help stabilize the strength of the trigone. The minerals of Jupiter and Neptune are combined with each other, so you can wear serpentine and jadeite jewelry along with lapis lazuli , amethyst , turquoise and blue topaz .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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