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Venus in the 6th house

Venus in the 6th house of the horoscope is not the best location for this planet. The 6th house of the natal chart is responsible for the fulfillment of duties, daily work and work for hire, and the creative nature of Venus hardly fits into the framework outlined by the routine.

In addition, the 6th field talks about possible malfunctions in the body and diseases, and Venus symbolizes happiness, well-being, the ability to rejoice and enjoy earthly pleasures. Thus, it is difficult for this planet to show its strength in the mentioned field of the horoscope.

Propensities, talents and characteristics of human behavior

Venus in the 6th house informs a person of attentiveness, diligence, tact and caring. Whatever work a person does, he does it with soul and quality. Perhaps not everyone will appreciate the thoroughness and diligence with which a native works out the smallest details of his project. However, he enjoys the work and cannot do it carelessly.

Such people love to do everyday life and create comfortable conditions around themselves. It is important for them that there is a relaxed, creative and harmonious atmosphere at work, then they will work doubly efficiently.

The owner of the natal chart understands that happiness lies not in achieving career heights and material benefits, but in health and well-being. He tries to maintain his body by taking medications recommended by doctors, vitamin complexes and using traditional medicine.

Venus in the 6th house often indicates love for pets.

Venus and some signs of the zodiac

The best case is when Venus in the 6th house has essential dignity and has no negative aspects. For example, Venus in Taurus , Pisces or Libra will give the native the ability to take care of his daily needs and health. He will be happy to be treated and will be attentive to the need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If Venus is strong in quality, but has damage from other planets, then a person will hardly listen to the recommendations of doctors. Overeating, abuse of sweet and high-calorie foods, a sedentary lifestyle, sexual promiscuity, etc. can become the causes of illness.

A weak and damaged Venus in the 6th house can lead to diseases of the venous system, dermatological problems, and kidney disease.


Venus in the 6th house of a man

Venus in the 6th house of a man's horoscope will tell you that he will give preference to women who are modest, helpful and hardworking. Acquaintance with a soul mate can happen at the workplace.

Often the 6th house marriage indicator speaks of unequal relationships. The chosen one of the subject may be lower in social status, not have a good education, or at the time of acquaintance to be in constrained circumstances. A damaged and weak Venus in the indicated field may indirectly indicate the soreness of the spouse.

The spouses will work together, devote a lot of time to organizing everyday life, household chores and doing household chores.

Venus in the 6th house of a woman

Venus in the 6th house of the horoscope will describe her mistress as an efficient, practical, economic and intelligent nature. Such a woman loves to think through all the cases to the smallest detail. Order always reigns in the sphere of her efforts. Perhaps she is not too ambitious, but employers appreciate the owner of Venus in the 6th field for her diligence, accuracy and skill.

The topic of health occupies an important place in the life of such a woman. The owner of the horoscope herself loves to be treated, and has time to take care of the health of her loved ones.

Lilia Garipova


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