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5th house in the sign of Scorpio

Love as pleasure, entertainment that gives strength, a child’s question: conception and upbringing, the future profession of descendants, as well as sex and creativity, shows the fifth sector of the horoscope. It can be used to determine how a person behaves during the period of falling in love and romantic courtship (and this does not necessarily continue after the wedding), his sexual preferences and relationships with children.

Scorpio is not by chance the most complex and controversial sign. It gives incredible sensuality, passion, creativity, but it is important to be able to control the flow of emotions, otherwise they will spoil the life of the owner of the horoscope. Having managed to separate his “I” from seething feelings, he becomes the master of others, not allowing himself to be manipulated through personal experiences.

Children and creativity

Five-house Scorpios are passionate and secretive, but if you press on a sore corn, an explosion of consciousness and suffering are guaranteed. That is why it is difficult and responsible to manage your feelings at the same time. The native treats the fruits of creativity as passionately and emotionally as to children, so much so that he is ready to kill offenders, but does not forgive criticism. Even if it is presented under the guise of good wishes, and the native understands this with the mind, he cannot overcome the cold to the advisers.

The bond with children is powerful, although warm and kind relationships are rare. Astrologers symbolically designate the five-house Scorpio in the form of a tarantula, weaving a net and pulling into it all those who are dear to him. For the sake of retention and control, the manipulation of the sense of guilt and duty is used, whole performances are played. Confrontation is inevitable, since the child is also strong-willed, complex, resentful and sensitive to the world. The winner is the one whose Mars is stronger.

With the defeat of the home, cruelty and violence on the part of adolescents occurs if the native goes too far in education. Dealing with this is only possible with parental authority. The main features of the five-house Scorpions and their descendants:

  • a strong will, activated by desire, and not simply by a set goal, which is important from the point of view of reason and society;
  • vulnerability, vindictiveness, rancor, the desire to subjugate and rule, breaking resistance with harsh methods, which the grown-up child later adopts;
  • dislike due to strict upbringing results in complexes, rejection and cruelty of a son or daughter, while investing emotionally in upbringing, the native receives love and devotion for the rest of his life;
  • children’s addiction to Plutonian activities, horror films, extreme sports, swear words, interest in black magic, the other world, themes of death and rebirth;
  • strong fear for the child, even if there are no real reasons for this, and restrictions in connection with this: the native does not send him to kindergarten, controls communication with school friends, looks through his personal diary and messages on the phone;
  • early interest in sex, weave erotic images and symbols into creativity;
  • susceptibility to bad influence, the evil eye, provocations to “weak”, anger.

Interest in the dark side of the personality helps the native to reveal his acting talent: the roles of scoundrels are excellent, and as a psychologist, private detective and investigator, writer and director, he perfectly understands the underlying motives of criminals. A strong will prompts you to achieve incredible success in your favorite sport.

Love relationship

Men and women with a 5th house in Scorpio need passionate and painful experiences while falling in love. They madly want attention and admiration, but at the same time they are ready to sacrifice much for the sake of the chosen ones.

There are two options: to obey and suffer because of the painful and sweet dependence on the tyrant, or to manipulate someone else’s energy, playing with the hearts of loved ones like a cat with a mouse. Calm happiness with a faithful and caring partner is incomprehensible and bored to them, therefore, subconsciously, strange and cruel people are chosen, not distinguished by constancy, but charismatic and inventive in sex.

Intimate relationships for the owners of the 5th house in Scorpio are paramount, they give inspiration, serve as a source of self-knowledge, relaxation and taste for life. Unsurprisingly, they choose partners with strong Pluto or Mars in Scorpio. If the Ascendant falls into the sign of Leo, the native himself becomes the tormentor of the victim in love with him, perfectly understanding her psychology and manipulating it for the sake of entertainment and a sense of personal power.

Working out the 5th house in Scorpio

Emotions are the drug of the owner of the horoscope. Suppressing them, he falls into depression and cruelty, splashing out, becomes vulnerable to others. The way out is in detachment from experiences, in order to observe what is happening within oneself and at the event level as a spectacle, without being drawn into painful and uncontrollable energy flows. This concerns the love and upbringing of children, because the growing generation of the native will also strive to create conflicts and disputes in order to defend their strange, peculiar worldview. In this case, you cannot do without a good family psychotherapist, an astrologer’s consultation, to evaluate the entire map as a whole, and travel to mysterious and mystical places on the planet. This will help transfer points of tension to the outside world and pacify Pluto.

The best resting place near mountain rivers, volcanoes, geysers. If Mars and Pluto are affected, the death of the chosen ones is possible due to the cruel and impulsive behavior of the native, which requires maximum correction of the position of the planets and the aspects in which they are involved.

The best talisman stone for harmonizing the 5th house in Scorpio will be hematite , frozen lava, red jasper , almandine , sardonyx and scarlet coral .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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