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6th house in Gemini. Nervous multi-machine

The health of the physical body, typical diseases, working conditions and a profession where you can safely miss the stars from the sky, and earn good money in the position of a subordinate, go under the auspices of the 6th sector of the horoscope. If it is not harmonious, then you can calculate the main problems and difficulties that are worked out by purity of thoughts, attentiveness to details and enhanced hygiene, because it is no coincidence that the symbolic ruler of the 6th house is Virgo.

The Gemini sign on the cusp encourages the native to mercurial activities: journalism, trade, marketing, teaching. A person loves to be aware of everything that happens in the office, gladly demonstrates his awareness, but he himself becomes a victim of gossip. The psyche suffers from this and as a result of psychosomatics – bronchi and lungs.

Work and discipline

It is interesting that most often the owners of the 6th house in Gemini work with colleagues nominally older than them, but outwardly youthful and modern. It is, as a rule, a large corporation with a huge number of employees, united by a common intellectual goal, so that the native has a place to expand his curiosity and desire to discuss other people.

Six-domed Gemini do not need coziness and comfort at all, like Taurus. The main thing is that the work is not boring and monotonous, and you do not have to sit in the office all day. They are with both hands for business trips, negotiations, charity balls and interviews. No one can communicate with the press better than them, although there is a possibility of spreading secrets, but this is already a question for Mercury. When he is harmonious, the native knows how to keep his mouth shut. The main thing is to give him feasible mental tasks and not burden his mind with thinking about the consequences.

The main lines of influence of the 6th house in Gemini regarding work:

  • addiction to team competitive work without a dress code and subordination: they will prefer the familiarity of the chief to strict rules of behavior and subordination;
  • patronizing and friendly attitude towards lower-level young employees, easy entry into trust in the management;
  • the ability to masterfully perform many different duties at the same time and resistance to stress, these are ideal secretaries-assistants, sign language interpreters, reporters;
  • the need for live communication, change of activities during the day, intellectual challenges, participation in discussions;
  • indifference to moving up the career ladder: development goes horizontally, not to the position of the chief, but through wandering from one department or branch to another, expanding the sphere of communication and influence within one position;
  • lack of discipline, punctuality, obligation, addiction to gossip, which often puts a person in an awkward position, especially if Mercury is struck by Lilith or Mars, and, accordingly, tact and empathy are low.

Sometimes the native successfully combines work in different companies at the same time, but it is contraindicated for him to constantly be at the computer in a confined space. It is better to choose to work with business trips to different branches than to work in several places in one city.

Predisposition to disease

Gemini gives resistance to viral and bacterial diseases, while everything is fine with the mind, and life is interesting and there is a large social circle. Boredom and loneliness provoke health problems, and during the period of Mercury retrograde, old sores can return.

If the infection happened, then, like in Aries, it will pass quickly, but the air element adds difficult to recognize and vague symptoms, which complicates the diagnosis. The main diseases in the 6th house in Gemini:

  • pneumonia, bronchial asthma, pleurisy, tracheitis;
  • injuries to the forearms, injuries to the hands, hands, arthritis of these parts of the body, gout;
  • speech disorders associated with nervous overstrain: stuttering, choppy voice, shortness of breath during excitement, falsetto during public speaking (most often with negative aspects of Mercury and the Moon);
  • insomnia, epilepsy, disorders of the nervous system, in particular, bad speech in childhood and the need for serious speech therapy treatment in the defeat of Mercury by Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune.

Six-domed Gemini do not like to be treated and tolerate illness well on their legs. Even with the recommended recumbent mode, it is important for them to communicate at least by phone so as not to wither away.

Working out the 6th house in Gemini

A native needs to improve the quality of communication without replacing it with quantity, and especially not to slip into empty discussion of other people. Gossip will bring huge troubles at work and create energy holes in the mental field. It is important to read a lot, study, participate in intellectual discussions, speak in public, enlightening the audience with your knowledge.

Six-domed Gemini usually do not sleep well because the brain is overloaded with all kinds of information. That is why in old age memory deteriorates and speech suffers. Before going to bed, you need to give up surfing the Internet, watching the news, discussing work processes, replacing it with lively pleasant communication with loved ones, preferably during a walk, reading light positive literature. For a quick recovery, you need to work out psychosomatics.

It’s good to have talking parrots and any other birds at home.

Jewelry with green stones will become protectors against intrigue at work and improve health. Perfectly suited emerald , beryl , chrysolite , jasper , agate , onyx (you can put the figures out of it on the desktop), coil and tsavorite.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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