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7th house in Gemini. Loving mind

The search for answers to the questions: where to meet love, find friendship and business partnership inevitably leads astrologers to the 7th house of the horoscope. The main lines here are marriage and marital relations, the appearance and character of the life partner, the circumstances of meeting with him, but also business partnership and the image of enemies constantly encountered on the way. Through these relationships, a person should learn and improve, rejoice and recognize someone else’s success in the Descendant of the 7th house, while not devaluing himself in the Ascendant.

The 7th house in Gemini creates an easy-going person, amorous and charming in the superficiality of his feelings. He repeatedly marries and quietly divorces in anticipation of new adventures, since he is sure of an abundance of options for himself. Serious long-term relationships are possible when the elements of the Earth dominate in the horoscope.

Behavior in marriage and partnership

With harmonious Mercury and Venus, the native easily meets and charms anyone he likes. His interest burns only as long as the partner turns out to be mentally attractive. New knowledge and talents ignite feelings of sympathy. Beautiful middle peasants in mind are not for wards of the 7th house in Gemini. Most celebrities with Gemini on the Descendant have married and divorced more than 2 times. The most striking example is Elizabeth Taylor, who got married 8 times. However, much depends on Venus: the watery and earthly planet of love gives more chances for a lasting marriage, but it is not a fact that the native will not be carried away by platonically bright intellectuals of the opposite sex.

The owners of the 7th house in Gemini know how to make an impression, even with Mercury retrograde, being amateurs: the ability to charm with their voice and correctly chosen words is innate.

They get married early, as a rule, combining it with a business partnership, when it is easier to develop together and at the same time spend time romantically. However, they are not ready for everyday difficulties and this is one of the reasons for betrayal. It is important for them to shine in a society of equal intellect, and sitting at home and watching talk shows from afar is a reason for depression and a break in relations.

It is common for a native to talk openly about infidelity or transition to another job to spouses or bosses in order to accelerate the arrival of change.

Marriage partner image

Men and women with a 7th house in Gemini are attracted to the opposite sex, younger in age, all their lives. The partner is more likely to be smart, with multiple degrees, a love of reading and communication. At the same time, the depth of feelings is not particularly important for both members of the union.

A lasting marriage will happen on the basis of spiritual love and common intellectual goals, otherwise the mutual interest will sooner or later fade away. It is advisable to establish relationships with solar and Ascendant Gemini and Aquarius, Leo can also be interesting to the native, only as long as he admires him. But for the owner of the 7th house in Gemini, on the opposite axis of which Sagittarius is in the 1st sector, it is important that the life partner respects his ideals and authorities, and the fire signs will hardly agree to this.

It is interesting that the native does not care about the social and financial position of the future partner, the main thing is respect, erudition and the ability to be friends.

The image of the 7th house enemies in Gemini

In order for the owner of the horoscope to have dangerous enemies, complex and multiple aspects of Mercury with Mars, Pluto and Uranus are needed. Their characteristic features: cunning, ingenuity, multi-pass intrigue. It is really possible to defeat them only by showing remarkable ingenuity and nobility, in no case repeating the dastardly methods of the enemy.

As a rule, the enemies are petty and envious, superficial people who do not give important karmic lessons, after passing which you can reach a new level. You should beware of young colleagues and spouses of friends and family. On their part, gossip most often goes, they harbor grievances, do small nasty things, however, for complete confidence there must be tense aspects of the 7th and 3rd houses.

It is easier to defeat the enemy with the help of intellect, public dispute, defense in court than physically, in a one-on-one fight.

Working out the 7th house in Gemini

The harmony of the 7th sector depends on the correct choice of a partner. The Mercury type with a sense of humor, lack of touchiness, ease of communication and, most importantly, the ability to speak heart to heart for a long time and without water, will help the native flourish in all the splendor of his intellect.

Regardless of the superficial emotionality and the secondary nature of deep feelings in the value system, a person becomes irritable and distracted when there are no real friends around who are equal to his beloved, since passion for him is rhetoric and erudition, and physical attraction is secondary. And yet, for the fullness of happiness, you need to develop sensuality through the knowledge of spiritual truths and material pleasures.

Traveling abroad, immersing in meditation, studying other cultures according to Sagittarius will help to reach a qualitatively new level of perception of loved ones and enemies. For a long-term union, two factors must be ensured – communication and freedom.

The native will be supported by talisman stones. They will save you from envious people and help attract a partner who is suitable in terms of intelligence. Beryl , emerald , chrysoprase and citrine are suitable for owners of the 7th house in Gemini .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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