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7th house in Cancer. Captivated by maternal feelings

One of the most important 7th house of the horoscope, symbolizing first of all love and marriage, and secondly – business cooperation and enmity, will show which partner is necessary for happiness. By the sign on the cusp and the planets near it, it is easy to determine the character, appearance and circumstances of the meeting with the future companion, as well as to understand what type is necessary for a harmonious marriage, to find out the behavior of the native himself in an alliance of any plan. Realizing that the image of enemies and the karmic lessons they teach, it is much easier to reach a new level of being.

With the Descendant in Cancer, the Ascendant finds himself in Capricorn, an outwardly dry and restrained sign, despite the fact that he is simply afraid to admit the need for love and a gentle, caring companion. Such dissonance leads to depression and the eternal search for a real family, poisoned by suspicions of the cunning of the chosen ones, especially if Neptune is also in the 7th house , or it forms opposition to the Moon .

Behavior in marriage and partnership

Family and marriage are the main dreams of a native. Men and women with the 7th house in Cancer, falling in love, already hear wedding bells and try on the role of the future spouse on the person they like. Of course, this does not mean that they will rush to the registry office, they may even be frightened by such a thought if they meet with someone who is physically attracted, but does not correspond to their idealistic ideas about a life partner, but get rid of the feeling that everyone who likes – future husband or wife, they cannot.

Deep sensuality and the need for affection are the reason for early sex in men and pregnancy in women, so marriage does not always happen for love. But even in this case, or when falling in love has passed, emotional attachment to family and children remains.

The owners of the 7th house in Cancer cannot quickly break off the relationship with their partner. They chop their tail piece by piece, suffering from guilt, continuing to cheat or not daring to tell management that they have found a more profitable job long ago.

With harmonious 1 and 7 houses, strong Moon and Saturn, the native chooses a couple and applicants for business cooperation for a long time, arranges checks, and only then makes a decisive step towards. In this case, he is a devoted and caring monogamous person, which corresponds to a karmic task.

The image of a marriage partner

Men with a 7th house in Cancer dream of a wife – a copy of their mother. It’s not only about appearance, but about similar habits, tastes, and culinary abilities. It is important for them to meet girls with Venus and the Moon in Cancer, Pisces or Taurus, who will be sympathetic to their whims and mood swings.

Women dream of patronizing and caring, and with the water moon they joyfully put their dreams and self-realization on the altar of the family, expecting that their sacrifice will be highly appreciated. They will be approached by men with Mars in Capricorn and Leo, whom they will admire and surround with attention, receiving paternal protection.

When the moon is affected, shy, infantile and laconic people are attracted to both sexes. Since emotional contact is important for both parties, in this situation, betrayal is likely, but even after parting, people treat each other like family. If a partner looks like a blood relative outwardly, the native will never part with him for a long time.

The image of the enemy in the 7th house in Cancer

Horoscope holders always suspect enemies of more terrible atrocities than their true intentions. As soon as someone reacts negatively to the personality or creativity of a native, a violent imagination draws him ill-wishers flowing with anger and hatred. Because of this, he often chooses attack tactics, especially if Mars is in the signs of fire, and makes himself a laughing stock, because a quarrel or a harsh statement could arise impulsively, without good reason. The struck Moon leads the mother into enemies, and the men also have a wife, despite the fact that they sincerely believe that they want good, but put a spoke in the wheels, imposing their vision of happiness. The classic image of the enemy is a cunning and vindictive person who pretends to be an emotionally interested guardian of a native, most often there is a blood connection.

Working out the 7th house in Cancer

Horoscope holders hide their true nature, the need for an affectionate and loving partner, suppress sensuality and trepidation, for fear of getting hit in the most vulnerable place – the soul and heart. The fear of pain drives them under the mask of Capricorn, which attracts false friends and life partners to them.

Radiating energetic vibrations alien to Cancer, they make the wrong choice, and then they cannot break off the relationship due to habit, attachment to children, fear of losing their position in society. To avoid this, you need to work out Mars in detail in order to have the courage to present to the world your loving warm heart, tenderness, sensitivity without fear of being ridiculed. Here it is important to do charity work, take care of orphanages, shelters for the elderly, volunteer in hospitals, listen, comfort, help. It is necessary to heal the soul from resentment against the mother, to show respect for women in general. This will open up the energy of the Moon in the strongest current. It does not hurt to have a psychologist nearby who will competently work with the native of the causes of his depression and failures.

Correctly selected mascot stones will remove excessive vulnerability and resentment in matters of relationships. For owners of the 7th house in Cancer, chrysoberyl , pink sapphire , rhinestone , and aquamarine are perfect . Attention: when the Moon is exalted or weighed down by several oppositions with Neptune and Lilith, it is absolutely impossible to wear pearls.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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