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8th house in the sign of Leo

The eighth house involves constant spiritual growth and transformation of consciousness in matters of life and death, managing large sums of money, sex and various crises. The sign on the cusp will show in which area problems will arise, where to expect danger and what to strive for. Longevity, wealth and physical health of the native depend on the elaboration of the 8th house.

If this house is in Leo, the owners of the horoscope are lucky extreme people. They are attracted by dangerous adventures and trials with copper pipes, and all the blows of fate are perceived with optimism. By overcoming them, they increase their self-confidence. Wealth and fame will come if the Sun is strong. In case of defeat, it is easy to burn out in the crucible of passions, ambitions and carelessness.

Crises and sources of danger

The native is a noble knight who is always ready to fight the enemy, protect the rights of the oppressed, intervene in any dangerous situation to save the weak. Gender is not important here. The brave Lioness will also fiercely defend justice, but with the negative aspects of Mars with the Sun and Pluto, such escapades can be costly.

The second problem is to take everything to heart. It’s the weak link here. Bankruptcy, betrayal greatly injure the owners of the 8th house in Leo, depriving them of energy and joy of life. For a long time they are rescued by a huge potential of energy and psychological endurance. But over the years, the ability to revive the Phoenix bird from the ashes is lost, and the likelihood of a heart attack increases. Crises are usually severe and prolonged, it is possible that due to a conflict with government officials and famous people. The main sources of danger in the 8th house in Leo:

  • pride, unwillingness to compromise, forgive and solve problems through peaceful negotiations;
  • personal provocations of the conflict without any special reason for self-affirmation and theatrical effect on the public;
  • humiliation and devaluation of one’s personality by other people, which gives rise to strong feelings up to a heart attack;
  • diseases of the heart, blood vessels, back and eyes;
  • damage to the appearance by envious or insidious partners (with negative aspects of the Sun with Venus and Mars);
  • gold and diamonds, combined with exorbitant vanity and carelessness: this is an occasion for envy and robbery;
  • hypertrophied sex appeal in women’s appearance, which literally provokes violence;
  • father and husband can take energy, devalue, compete, cause serious feelings;
  • inflammation with high fever;
  • problems with famous people: gossip, scandals, threats.

All of the above will not necessarily happen in life, but it is necessary to keep the heat of the Sun alive through creativity and to keep vanity in check so that threats remain hypothetical.

Passion and money

The 8th house in Leo is a serious bid for wealth and fame through personal charisma and creativity. These are born leaders who know how to rule the country and financial corporations at the level of intuition and karmic developments. They cannot remain a performer in the shadows. At the same time, without creativity, they will wither away. A lot of money will be brought by activities as a producer, head of theaters, a film studio, an acting partnership, but success in business will not take long.

Sexual attraction is caused by popular bright personalities, generous and noble. The native seeks to control the financial condition of the life partner through joint management, or, if we are talking about a man, by becoming the head of the family business and rewriting the property for himself.

In the event of a divorce with a strong Sun, the eight-house Lions leave without taking a penny, but with a weak luminary, they consider it fair to receive material compensation.

At a low level of development, they want complete submission from a partner, enjoying their possession as a desired trophy. At a high level, they fall in love with teachers of higher knowledge, or, conversely, with wards and students who revere their authority.

Elaboration of the 8th house in Leo

Harmonization of the house consists in constant control over selfishness, vanity and predilection for dramatization of any event. The 8th house also belongs to the sphere of secret knowledge. It is difficult for Leos to admit that in addition to their desires and concepts of justice, there is also the world’s mind and God’s judgment, but the sooner they begin to let go of grievances and not seek retribution on their own, the less dangerous situations will occur.

The study of astrology and any esoteric directions, except for divination, is shown. Numerology, neurographics and human design, as well as teachings similar to them, are perfect. Participation in amateur theatrical performances, sports competitions and concerts will perfectly elaborate the risks of house, especially with water and fiery Venus.

With caution, people with the 8th house in Leo will have to wear gold and jewelry. It is better not to leave the house at night in shiny clothes and large diamonds. They should also think about enhanced home security, reliable safes, and keep money only in trusted banks. They should not quarrel with powerful people.

A warm relationship with dad will solve many problems before they materialize.

Sunstone, amber, carnelian, chrysolite and citrine will be excellent amulets for bright eight-house Lions. It is better to wear diamonds at public events where there is security, and in everyday life wear zircons or choose small stones in a modest white gold setting.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 8th House in Leo:


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