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9th house in the sign of Sagittarius

The ninth sector of the horoscope symbolizes the knowledge that will help people reach the destination of the 10th house. It is better to get education with this sight, as well as competently plan trips to countries where life experience will be gained in order to achieve the main goal in life. Relations with religion, teachers, relatives of future spouses bring up willpower and form a worldview. The choice of university is made taking into account the nature of the sign of the 9th house, and if they are mistaken, the flow of strength and good luck turns away from the native.

When the knowledge sector falls into the power of Sagittarius, this is partly a sign of success, because Jupiter is its natural patron. Knowledge itself comes to the owners of the horoscope, they are incredibly interesting and versatile personalities, but the main thing for them is not to become arrogant and not position themselves as the first expert in the Universe, which will inevitably lead to degradation.

Education and knowledge

When Jules Verne described the protagonist of the book Around the World in 80 Days, he undoubtedly created a textbook portrait of the owner of the 9th house in Sagittarius: an intelligent, gambling, creative person with an unconventional approach to solving problems. Despite the developed intellect, such individuals are easily led to weak, and the desire to win the argument inspires fateful adventures.

Among the nine-house Sagittarius there are many scientists, teachers, translators, but they are all far from the classical idea of ​​these professions, since Jupiter endows his wards with creative devilry, charisma and inexhaustible optimism.

Admission to a university is often associated with moving to another city. High ambitions and a thirst for adventure push the native to actively storm the most popular institutions in the capitals of the world. If Jupiter is harmonious, then in an incomprehensible way it is possible to go where mere mortals are ordered to go, although later it may turn out that not everything is as rosy as the imagination had drawn. Common features of the influence of the 9th house of Sagittarius on fate:

  • eloquence, good memory and imaginative thinking, a bright sense of humor, developed intellect;
  • thirst for knowledge, love of reading, communication, disputes, the ability to easily make friends, regardless of authority and enter without knocking to the rector and dean;
  • friendliness, generosity and openness in relations with university students, financial luck: money comes magically from all sides;
  • careless attitude to exams, because thanks to their extensive knowledge and eloquence, they can easily speak on the move on any topic;
  • 2-3 diplomas in various specialties, or many additional courses, because they are looking for themselves and are interested in many things;
  • the gift of a teacher, translator, actor, politician, financial analyst, producer and coach.

With Jupiter afflicted, there may be difficulties with entering a university, and if there are additional negative aspects from Mars, Uranus, Venus, then it will be difficult to gain authority among students, both at the level of a student and a teacher. Probably exclusion from the institute, disappointment in the chosen specialty, intrigues of spiteful critics.

Travel and religion

Thanks to the nature of the extrovert, easiness, excitement and passion for adventure, the nine-house Sagittarians pack a suitcase in a matter of minutes, and their passport is full of visas from different countries. They like to explore other cultures, share travel photos on social networks, and bask in the delight of others who are not so brave and desperate.

If the owners of the 9th house in Capricorn want to go somewhere, they will do everything to collect all the documents and find money, even if it seems impossible. Their dream is to sail around the world. However, an addiction to solving mysteries and a keen sense of justice sometimes leads to dangerous situations, arrests and fights on foreign trips. Curiosity is both a human virtue and a flaw. It helps to explore the world with the interest of the child, but also makes it obsessive, tactless, careless.

Owners of the 9th house in Sagittarius want to learn more about world religions. They participate in rituals, read, attend meetings of different faiths. Sometimes they even move from one faith to another or profess pantheism. When Jupiter is afflicted, they can fall into a sect, because they are easily influenced.

Elaboration of the 9th house in Sagittarius

The owners of the 9th house in the sign of Sagittarius are used to the fact that studying and traveling to distant countries are easy for them. This happens the more pleasantly, the more trines with Jupiter in the horoscope. Only they are not at all ready for the problems and difficulties that may arise in life during the transits of unfavorable planets. Due to carelessness, a passport is lost, the desire to prove the truth leads to problems with the police in another country or a conflict with a teacher, and, accordingly, the chances for a favorable development of events are lost.

They need to restrain their impulsiveness, understand that luck is not unlimited and think through the details of the trip, preparing for exams, entering a university with the attentiveness of an ordinary mortal.

Their interest in other cultures and religions is very often superficial, and only by developing their full potential of the mind can they impress people who really understand these topics.

The native is a born teacher, such an individual needs to abstract from egoism and the desire to teach. Such people will have to stand on the same level with the child, but share with him the experience and knowledge of an adult, in a playful way. This approach is also relevant in teaching students and encourages them to show acting skills, which at the same time works out Venus.

Talisman stones for the 9th house in Sagittarius will help you accumulate wisdom as easily as money. Ideal yellow sapphire, citrine, topaz.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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