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Mars in the 11th house

Mars symbolizes strength and energy, and the 11th house stands for friends and connection with the community. The owner of Mars in the 11th house of the horoscope is active in his personal life, winning more and more new friends. His associates are energetic and enterprising. There is always some element of competition or even rivalry in relationships with friends. Moreover, it is not only interesting to relax and spend time with them. Often these friends are connected by common affairs (including profit-making enterprises).

Mars is an evil planet, and if a planet in the 11th house has negative aspects, then the relationship with the close environment often deteriorates due to conflicts, showdowns and intrigues.

Personal characteristics and human behavior

The owner of the horoscope is distinguished by friendliness, enthusiasm and a positive outlook on the world. If he is passionate about something, then he seeks to bring what he started to the end and get a specific result.

As a rule, the native's circle of acquaintances is wide. In every person he sees unique, inimitable qualities. He is friends with all kinds of people. Nationality, education level and status in society are not important here. The main thing is to have common hobbies, aspirations and desires. Often, like-minded people are united by sports or other types of physical activity, the study of technology and modern technologies, running a business or some kind of hobby associated with risk and extreme sports (for example, the biker movement).

The owner of Mars in the 11th house can show his abilities in politics, business and science. He successfully organizes collective events (parties, meetings, actions, flash mobs, etc.) and is engaged in social activities.

Mars and various signs of the zodiac

An analysis of the location of Mars in the signs of the Zodiac will allow you to determine whether the native has good friends or in a relationship with them there is a lot of negativity.

In the best position are the owners of a strong Mars (in Capricorn , in Aries , in Scorpio ), which has no tense aspects. Friends are distinguished by honesty, courage, practicality, and discernment. They help the owner of the horoscope not so much in word as in deed. There is a lot of constructiveness in a relationship. This kind of friendship is more like a collaboration that brings success to all members of the group.

Mars in signs of his weakness (in Libra , in Taurus , in Cancer ) speaks of conflicting, treacherous, rude and unrestrained friends.


Mars in the 11th house of a man

The owner of Mars in the 11th house is friendly, original and socially active. Since childhood, he prefers male friends. He gladly leads a gang of mischievous people, comes up with exciting games, embodies original ideas with them. As an adult, such a person successfully competes in business life and achieves recognition in the work collective. Often he achieves his goals thanks to the support in the group, as well as the patronage of well-wishers and superiors.

The personal life of such a man will work out well if he manages to find a woman who recognizes his independence and the right to freedom.

Mars in the 11th house of a woman

Mars in the female horoscope is responsible for the sphere of personal relationships. This planet is one of the indicators of marriage, and its location in the 11th house indicates instability in partnership and unstable union (especially if Mars forms negative aspects with other planets).

Relationships with men often begin with friendship. Acquaintance can happen in a team of like-minded people or at a friendly party. Partners share common interests, views, activities and hobbies. Personal life can be destroyed due to the unwillingness of one or both partners to fulfill family and marriage obligations.

Lilia Garipova

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