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Mars in the 2nd house

Mars is associated with energy, activity and enterprise, and the location of this planet in the 2nd house of the horoscope makes the topic of finance and material values ​​significant for the native. Such a person will not sit idly by waiting for a blessed rain of gold. All that he has earned is the result of his own efforts.

Of course, Mars is an evil planet, and with an unfavorable aspect of this luminary, the subject is prone to spending. He makes good money and spends money easily. But still, in this case, Mars makes a person quite successful in the field of finance. The owner of Mars in the 2nd house will not be left without income under any circumstances.

Individual characteristics and behavior of the native

The owner of the horoscope is very hardworking, initiative and has a great capacity for work. Such people most often do not like long-term projects, but prefer quick earnings (although for a final conclusion on this, you need to assess the position in the sign and aspects of the planet).

Often such people have good practical skills. Skillful hands, physical strength and business talents make them good and valuable workers. A native can organize his own business, for example, by creating a car repair shop. A person with Mars in the 2nd house is usually tech-savvy and can work in various repair services.

A native's earnings can be related to business, finance and banking, as well as insurance. Income comes from work in large industrial enterprises. The owner of the horoscope can also work in law enforcement and rescue organizations. Sports activities and coaching also provide good earning opportunities.

Mars, aspects and signs of the zodiac

The well-being of the native depends on the strength and aspect of Mars in the 2nd house of the horoscope. The owners of a strong and richly aspected luminary are in the best position. It could be Mars in Scorpio , Capricorn and Aries .

The owner of Mars in the water sign of Scorpio is not only hardworking, but also knows how to save money. If the luminary has mostly good aspects, then financial talent allows the native to earn more than spend. He knows how to successfully invest the money he earns.

Mars in the earth sign Capricorn is even more cautious. The native boldly takes on projects designed for the long term. Thanks to the ability to plan, natural perseverance, an iron grip and determination, the native manages to become successful in the material sphere.

If Mars is in the sign of Aries, then this gives the native resourcefulness in money matters. Such a person can easily find alternative sources of income. However, if the luminary is unfavorably aspected by other planets, then the subject can often lose large sums of money due to his own recklessness and wastefulness.


Mars in the 2nd house of a man

The owner of such a Mars is practical, hardworking and distinguished by economic efficiency. Most often, he accumulates at home various tools, technical devices and household equipment that he knows how to skillfully use. Such a man, of course, is interested in cars and household appliances. He purchases them with pleasure and strives to update technical devices whenever possible.

A man with Mars in the 2nd house feels comfortable if he has accumulated a round amount of money and he can dispose of it at any time at his discretion.

Mars in the 2nd house of a woman

Mars is an indicator of marriage, and the presence of this planet in the 2nd house of the horoscope speaks of the material background of the relationship. The owner of the horoscope prefers men who are oriented towards earnings and gaining material well-being. Getting to know your future spouse can happen at work. A partner can bring both gains and losses.

Lilia Garipova

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