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Mars in the 7th house

Mars in the 7th house of the horoscope is considered an unfavorable astrological factor. This field is responsible for partnerships (business and marriage), and in this area it is good to show politeness, attentiveness, care and diplomacy.

The energy of Mars is belligerent, aggressive, rough, and therefore the presence of this planet in the 7th house provokes troubles in his personal life: quarrels, conflicts and showdowns up to assault.

And yet a man with Mars in the house of partnership has some advantages, as his activity is manifested in this area. He does not like to be alone and easily strikes up a relationship. In business life, he takes competitive situations for granted and successfully defends his position.

The character and behavior of the native

The owner of Mars in the 7th house does not know how to conduct polite conversations and is not inclined to compromise. He is used to acting quickly and confidently in relation to others. Sometimes the native shows excessive pressure and volitional influence, which is perceived by others negatively.

With soft, sensitive and sophisticated people, such a subject is not on the way. The owner of Mars in the 7th house, only those who can oppose him are suitable for partners. Such a subject recognizes as “his” people with a strong character and an iron grip in business.

The owner of the horoscope knows firsthand what enemies are. Cases of open showdown and confrontation are not uncommon for him. If Mars in the horoscope is damaged, then the native can be a frequent participant and initiator of not only conflicts, but also fights.

The owner of Mars in the 7th house will show his abilities and inclinations in any area that involves struggle and competition. It can be sports, business, politics, reclamation activities, etc.

Mars and some signs of the zodiac

The quality of marriage and partnerships will depend on the zodiac sign that Mars is in, as well as the aspect of the planet.

The most successful and constructive relationships will be with the owners of Mars in Scorpio , in Capricorn and in Aries . Essentially strong planet in harmonious aspects will give energetic partners who will contribute to the growth and development of the native in society. Even the enemies of the subject can eventually turn into his companions and loyal friends.

In the worst position are the owners of a weak quality Mars (in Cancer , in Taurus , in Libra ). There will be a lot of deceit, intrigue, inadequate displays of strength and scenes of jealousy in a relationship.


Mars in the 7th house of a man

A man with Mars in the 7th house is most interested in business partnerships and personal relationships. He does not wait for the opposite side to take the first step. The owner of the horoscope is proactive, adventurous, quick-witted and assertive when it comes to making new contacts.

Such a man will conquer the woman of his dreams. A relationship can begin by resolving a problem. They will have a competitive and competitive spirit. Best of all, a marriage partnership will develop with a strong-willed, decisive and energetic woman. It will be good if in such an alliance there are many joint affairs, otherwise the energy of Mars will manifest itself in the form of quarrels and conflicts.

Mars in the 7th house of a woman

The owner of Mars in the 7th house is active in the field of relationships. From a young age, she is surrounded by young people, and she feels like her in a youth get-together. A marriage can be unexpected and early, and its fate will depend on the quality of Mars and its aspects. If the planet has a negative aspect and is essentially weak, then the spouse will have a merciless, vindictive and aggressive character. Such a marriage may end because of violence. The fate of a spouse can be tragic.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Mars in 7th House:


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