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Neptune in the 7th house – saving the drowning

Neptune is a great deceiver and idealizer of emotions, being in the 7th house of partnership, he gives “rose-colored glasses” through which the native looks at lovers and friends, inventing non-existent advantages and denying obvious disadvantages. He does not accept the personal boundaries of the partner, surrendering to love and friendship without a trace.

Falling in love, he sits down on a relationship like a drug addict on a needle, not imagining life without an embellished image of a beautiful lady or a knight in armor, which sometimes exists only in his imagination, since the Neptunian principle attracts problem men and narcissistic women, often with alcohol and drug addiction, promiscuous sex life who are prone to deception and change. The merciful and all-forgiving possessor of Neptune in the 7th house has to restore the psyche for a long time after bitter disappointments.

Self-confidence, knowledge of psychology and a practical attitude to life grounded Neptune and attracts creative personalities, actors, singers, musicians to relationships with whom the native learns the merging of souls in mutual understanding, love and support.

Features of relationships with others

With a harmonious Neptune in the 7th house, the native radiates the energies of love and subconsciously expects acceptance and sympathy for himself when marrying, moving to a new job and entering a university. With a struck planet, idealistic expectations turn into shattered dreams: it is difficult to join the team, they do not accept it for who they are, you have to sacrifice your interests.

If the negative aspect has a reference to 1 house , then the person doubts the possibility of a happy marriage and mutual love, which often leads to falling in love with a disabled person or a drunken alcoholic, whom you need to take care of, saving, in the hope of gratitude with warm feelings. Partners in personal and business relationships quickly get used to the native’s kindness and lack of rancor, but instead of respect, he is perceived as a sweet, comfortable person who does not have to be reckoned with.

To study the planet you need:

  • develop self-confidence and stand firmly on your feet;
  • resolve conflicts peacefully, but do not allow yourself and your feelings to be used;
  • to act actively, solving problems at work, not to beat “pity” in communication with others;
  • to act nobly with enemies, responding good for evil, but not to the detriment of your family.

Observing a delicate balance between compassion for others and respect for one’s own personality, the native will find that the world itself meets halfway and gives meetings with spiritually developed partners, highly paid creative work and an active social life.

Impact of the zodiac signs

A person with Neptune in the 7th house for a long time does not dare to break off relations in love and friendship, even having received specific facts of mean behavior, continues to justify the aggressor. The protracted “Stockholm Syndrome” is dangerous because you can lose not only your heart, but also your wallet: the planet introduces confusion and deceit in legal proceedings. In case of divorce or division of property, the native runs the risk of suffering if he does not work out his problem area in advance. The sign of the zodiac where Neptune is located leaves an imprint on the choice of a partner and the accompanying circumstances:

1. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – fall in love with celebrities, surrounded by an aura of mystery, but are not sure of their own importance, charisma and talent, which pushes them to risky and deceitful actions to enter the elite circle. In case of defeat, the planet can push the representative of the “golden” youth to an unequal marriage out of pity or irresistible love, in spite of the family.

2. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – the desire for complete merging with a loved one plays a bad joke with their lofty feelings. They idealize their partner, forgiving betrayal, theft, deception, but are disappointed when they see the desired “prince” in slippers, without the crown they invented. The tendency to fall in love with a deliberately unattainable object – a married man, a TV “star”, an Internet acquaintance. Marrying a disabled person out of pity.

3. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – the element of the Earth strengthens the real perception of reality, but here love is at the forefront, only the achievement of the goal is supported by a specific plan: the gradual conquest of the object of passion, or the treatment of its addictions with systemic, thoughtful actions, which gives a positive result. Late marriage, as the ideal candidate must meet the highest standards.

4. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – free relationships, many partners, in which the native is sincerely in love at the same time or in turn. The difficulty of choosing one of the many also inhibits marriage. Desire for spiritual union with a partner. They are fascinated by poets and writers, representatives of bohemians, helpless in everyday life, who have to be looked after as if they were small children.

Significant aspects

Defeat with negative aspects of Neptune in the 7th house threatens problems in partnerships: square with the Moon – marriage with an alcoholic, drug addict, with Mars – craving for crime bosses, imprisonment of the spouse, with Venus – betrayal and family destruction.

The situation is aggravated if the aspects go to the 12th house , and it becomes fatally dangerous for the native if there is a connection with the 8th segment . Strong aspects with Jupiter and Venus can fulfill cherished dreams of love, passion and harmony, and with Mercury, they can ensure fruitful business cooperation.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Neptune in 7th House:


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