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Opposition Mars – Ascendant. From instigator to victim

The aspect brings into a person’s life a strong inner tension and momentary desires to act as he feels at the moment, and not according to a code of proven rules. This is due to the contradiction between the principles of the planet and the rising sign, which are in hostile elements. This is especially felt by the wards of Mars, encouraging them to actively achieve success if, according to the Ascendant, they are tuned in to a quiet serene existence, and not to struggle.

Since both participants in the opposition affect self-esteem, a person has a greatly distorted idea of ​​the importance of his personality and place in society: the native deliberately provokes quarrels and strife, driven by a thirst for victory, and rejoices violently, gaining it. However, defeat wounds him for a long time, prompting him to use dark methods of reprisals against competitors. Harmonization will require learning to compromise and cooperation.

Features of the opposition Mars – Ascendant

Spontaneous aggressiveness spills out when patience is overflowing. The difference from squaring, which manifests itself in the struggle with external enemies and obstacles, is here expressed in the pacification of personal negative emotions: envy, anger, selfishness. The carriers of the opposition Mars – Ascendant attract people like their hidden side of personality. Outwardly, they can do the right thing and behave modestly, but the passions and experiences raging inside magnetically attract vicious rivals.

With the position of Mars in the signs of air and water, there is a fear of public showdown and debate, although the native is competitive and very attractive on stage and in polemics. He just doesn’t realize it. The problem is that opposition wards are often irritated by the little things and illogical, from their point of view, actions of opponents, which leads to a loss of meaning in the discussion, a transition to personalities and an aggravation of relations.

The struggle in the life of the owner of the horoscope will always be present. This is not only a battle for a place in the sun, the right to do what you love and be with dear people, but also a battle against diseases, especially if the red planet is in the 6th house .

Other manifestations of the opposition Mars – Ascendant:

  • bright, charismatic appearance, there is always something to catch the eye: full, scarlet lips, a birthmark, fiery hair color;
  • intellectual giftedness and physical endurance allow you to work harder than others and achieve success before them;
  • the constant attraction of enemies out of the blue, mostly envious, through whose intrigues you will have to act;
  • the habit of getting what you want through threats and blackmail, or suffering from them until you learn to resist;
  • disagreements in the team, quarrels with friends and family with Mars in the 7th house, lack of understanding with doctors, work injuries and burns, if the planet is in the 6th sector.

Nativa always attracts rude and assertive masters of life. Even with a gentle character, he will truly respect only the strong, but unfortunately for such undeveloped Mars sometimes takes criminal-minded, dangerous personalities, from which he himself suffers later.

Love and marriage with opposition Mars – Ascendant

Men with this aspect will sooner or later show elements of hard domination in marriage. This can be the imposition of their will and rules in the family, or even sadism and violence, or role-playing games in a similar style.

Seemingly cute and funny carriers of the opposition Mars – Ascendant are revealed in a new way in sexual relations, where their need to subdue and rule is manifested. At the same time, they do not need a submissive and agreeable partner. She must compete, resist, argue and only finally surrender to the mercy of the winner.

Women under the influence of the aspect also strive to conquer a partner completely, or they are looking for an alpha male who will be even stronger and tougher than their Martian origin. This is especially clearly felt among the carriers of Mars in the signs of water and fire.

But all representatives of the aspect are passionate and ardent in love. They will gladly share their energy reserve with their loved one. Sex gives them a release from the accumulated tension on the opposition Mars – Ascendant, therefore there are many fleeting romances in their lives, but even a short relationship will become an unforgettable adventure for partners.

Harmonization of opposition Mars – Ascendant

Hot temper and irritability are easiest to remove with water and team sports, while a tough confrontation in the form of freestyle wrestling or boxing is fraught with increased aggression.

Uncertainty and the desire to challenge authorities disappear when a person receives a high-ranking position and the unquestioning respect of subordinates.

Success awaits in the profession of a military man, firefighter, lawyer, businessman, agronomist, farmer, realtor and even an actor, since the carriers of the Mars-Ascendant opposition have a pronounced sexual charisma. In medicine, it is better to choose the direction of surgery and dentistry, and manual dexterity will come in handy at the factory and in the locksmith’s workshop.

Happiness in marriage will be promoted by respecting the personal boundaries of the partner and giving him at least a small share of freedom.

Natural stones-talismans will help to keep in check wild instincts and develop willpower: almandine , red jasper , carnelian , sardonyx, rhodonite, kunzite, hematite and scarlet garnet .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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