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Mars in the 6th house

6 The House of the Horoscope is responsible for work and routine duties. The presence of Mars in it, symbolizing energy and activity, makes the native hardworking, persistent, methodical and persistent in performing the work entrusted to him.

In addition, the 6th house is associated with diseases, and the presence of a specific planet in it will tell both about the peculiarities of the native's health and how actively he is struggling with his existing ailments.

Mars is a malevolent planet. Being in the 6th house of the natal chart , this luminary will indicate a possible danger from animals (for example, from dogs).

Personality features and human behavior

The owner of the horoscope is considered an efficient person and a responsible, energetic and conscientious employee. Such people attach great importance to their work. They do it not so much for money and career opportunities as for their own satisfaction. They like to understand complex mechanisms and processes, put everything on the shelves, optimize processes and establish uninterrupted production.

The owners of Mars in the 6th house can make good technical specialists, masters of various service services, financiers, workers in production, etc. They know how not only to act actively and decisively, but also preliminarily think over the sequence of their actions, make careful calculations, identify errors and consistently eliminate them. Any case is presented to them in the form of several operations. The task of such a person is to simplify each of them as much as possible, create a logical chain of actions and bring the overall result to perfection.

Despite his excellent business qualities, such a person can be uncomfortable in the work team. He is inclined to provoke conflicts with colleagues, so it will be better if the manager entrusts him with the independent completion of the task.

Mars and some signs of the zodiac

Mars has an evil nature, so you need to pay special attention to its quality. A weak and negatively aspected planet can bring troubles to the native: injuries, accidents due to animals, inflammatory diseases, etc. Mars is essentially weak in Cancer , Libra and Taurus .

If the luminary has strength ( Mars in Aries , in Scorpio or in Capricorn ), then the native, as a rule, is actively treated and has his own idea of ​​proper nutrition, work and rest. In order to feel good, he plays sports and provides himself with good physical activity.


Mars in the 6th house of a man

If in the natal chart of a man Mars is located in the 6th house, then this speaks of his analytical mindset, good organizational skills and practical skills. He is used to doing everything in the house himself, as he is a jack of all trades.

The negative qualities of the owner of the horoscope are pettiness, pickiness and grumpiness. They interfere with the native's personal life. And yet the subject is ready to take care of a loved one, creating comfortable living conditions for him, an atmosphere of stability and confidence in the future.

Mars in the 6th house of a woman

If in the natal chart of a woman Mars is in the 6th house, then she most of all pays attention to men who are practical, businesslike, polite, neat and efficient. Acquaintance with a soul mate can happen at work or in the line of duty.

This position of Mars in the horoscope often indicates an unequal marriage. A man may be less educated than a woman, or occupy a less prominent position. With negative aspects of Mars with other planets, the partner may have a quarrelsome, critical character and suffer from diseases.

Lilia Garipova

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