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Opposition Mars – MC (Midheaven). Conquering luck from fate

Astrologers traditionally consider opposition to be a problematic aspect, although with the right approach it is a source of energy and a driver of development. Much depends on what heavenly bodies form it. Evil planets aggravate a person’s inner strife, creating an obvious excess of negative character traits or a lack of positive ones.

Mars is a known aggressor in unfavorable aspects. In opposition to the MC, its dominant leads to aggressive behavior, when the path to success is blazed with fists, or vice versa, at the moment when courage and decisiveness are needed, nerves fail, and the native is left behind, despite clear advantages over rivals.

The dangers of opposition Mars – MC

The problem of a person with such an aspect is the painful need to complete what he started to the end, when the inspiration and excitement that prompted him to get down to business have already died out. These are typical choleric people, especially if the Ascendant is in the signs of fire. They quickly light up and get used to work, but then they get bored, whims, irritation, procrastination begin. At the same time, the desire to complete the job and see the result does not give them rest.

It is not surprising that the character with the opposition Mars – MC is not sugar, and it is difficult for people to get along with a person who first raises everyone into the attack, and then goes into the shadows or starts whining that nothing will come of it. If the native is set up to fight or war, it is impossible to resist the onslaught, it is easier to surrender and appease his ego than to irritate him with resistance.

Tact and diplomacy are not included in the list of virtues, rude humor and directness can both dispose a certain circle of people to the bearer of the aspect, and alienate potential clients or sponsors. The peculiarity of the opposition of Mars with the Middle Heaven is in the activation of obstacles and hostility in the professional sphere on the part of colleagues and the boss, as soon as the owner of the horoscope begins to show aggression, rudeness, to push competitors with his elbows or to exceed his authority. Therefore, it is important to know all the nuances of the aspect’s influence on fate:

  • internal tension and anger emerge precisely in matters of professional self-realization with external benevolence and trustworthiness in other areas;
  • strong confrontation with parents and members of their own family;
  • the desire to become successful, rich or famous at any cost, and with the affected Mars, crime or undercover games are not excluded;
  • the need to stand out externally: men strive to build muscles, women also love fitness and emphasize their athletic figure, but they also assert themselves through branded clothing and accessories;
  • pugnacity and provoking conflicts with a weak Mercury, and if it is strong, then disputes and verbal skirmishes out of the blue;
  • dislike of women, regardless of gender, girls with this aspect prefer to be friends with men, and with additional negative accents, they can deny their nature.

Unlike the carriers of the square, the opposition ward is not inspired by competition. He is angry with rivals who can interfere with ambitious plans in his career and personal life. Deep down, there is a fear of losing and feeling like a failure, which creates anger and anger even before it happens.

Personal relationships

The opposition of Mars and the meridian of Midheaven indicates strong feelings that bind the native with the mother or her substitute person. Given the contradictory nature of the scarlet planet, it can be both sincere love and adherence to common goals in a harmonious position, and hatred, which prompts us to move forward in order to free ourselves from destructive influences.

In any case, the mother influences the development and choice of profession, thanks to or in spite of her, the owner of the horoscope becomes a leader, but in a negative scenario he causes irritation and avoids close relationships himself.

A positive development of events is also possible, but loved ones will have to come to terms with the fact that it is important for men and women to assert themselves through Martian themes: sex, arguments, battles and extreme sports. They painfully perceive defeat, experiencing deep inside, so an explosion of emotions and a breakdown in relations becomes a surprise for family members when the native’s patience and secrecy is overflowing. This is especially true for Mars in Taurus and Cancer.

It is better to choose a man as a boss, since a representative of either sex painfully perceives the need to obey a woman.

Elaboration of the opposition Mars – MS

Regardless of the chosen specialty, it is important to be an active person with a strong life position, a stable value system, so as not to get lost on the path of crime and knock out bonuses from fate by force. This is always a great temptation for those with tense Martian aspects. There is a lot of energy and without a spiritual core, they follow the shortest path to happiness, over the heads of others.

Before getting married and embarking on a stable career, it is advisable to satisfy the need for thrill and adventure. Stormy youth with the opposition Mars – MS is the key to success in work and happiness in the family.

Later, it is recommended to remove excess tension and aggressiveness through sports, a rich sex life, a change of impressions and physical activity in the garden. A college degree is optional, as Mars’ wards thrive as artisans, making excellent money as wood and metal craftsmen, tailors, furriers, locksmiths, and repairmen. However, there are also quite a few politicians, military men, secret service workers, police officers, dog handlers and traumatologists among them.

To activate good luck, calm shades of red are recommended: burgundy, crimson, light pink, and dark red and brown garnets , rubies , hematite and burgundy jasper are suitable as protective and stabilizing talismans .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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