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Opposition Mars-Pluto. Defeating the tempting snake

Subconscious programs determine external events around a person. The opposition of the planets from the childhood of the native generates emotional confusion and internal conflict in the soul, and much depends on the level of spiritual development: the weaker it is, the stronger the power of lower instincts over the higher self.

The Mars-Pluto opposition resembles the position of the symbol of militancy in Scorpio, only it acts harder and more aggressively. In a certain scenario, the aspect of violence and assault gives birth to an executioner and a victim, situations of bloodshed and revolutionary destruction. And only those who are spiritually and intellectually developed will transform volcanic energy into overcoming obstacles, the sweetness of triumph and victory over dark forces.

The influence of the Mars-Pluto opposition on fate

Depending on personal priorities, the choice of the light or black side of reality, the aspect is equally strongly played by crime bosses and police officers. Some enjoy evil, others fight it. Unlike hard quadrature, the Mars-Pluto opposition does not manifest in outbursts of uncontrollable anger. Its owners hold back internal passions and negative emotions for a long time until they erupt in lava, sweeping away everything in the path and changing the fate of people.

This is a classic plot of American action films, when a respectable police officer becomes an implacable avenger after a tragic injustice to himself and destroys the offenders.

Unfortunately, in an irreconcilable struggle with evil, good quickly gets dirty, boundaries mix, which manifests itself in cruelty and rudeness towards loved ones. In a less dramatic scenario, the following happens:

  • dissatisfaction even with the fulfillment of cherished desires, insatiability in pleasures and making money: no matter how much luxury there is in life, everything is small;
  • dominance of sexuality over creativity;
  • a tendency to physical violence in situations of resentment and anger: one breaks chairs, the other beats the opponent;
  • the need for excesses, extremes, stupid bravado, maximalism;
  • thirst for novelty of feelings, changes, power;
  • passion for weapons, revolutionary coups, haste in reprisals against potential enemies;
  • explosions, fires, infectious diseases;
  • even small mistakes lead to big disasters.

The native is constantly torn between the instincts of the body and the desires of the mind. The answer lies in the transformation of a universal soldier who satisfies the ego with robberies into a warrior of light who fights for lofty ideals.

Love relationship

In personal relationships, chaos and confusion. It is difficult for the owners of the opposition Mars-Pluto to recognize the spiritual component of love. They are attracted to exalted intellectual personalities, but there is no inner permission to have sexual relations with them. But with vulgar and accessible persons, they are ready for risky sensual experiments and fantasies. Tension is aggravated by the position of Venus in Scorpio and Aries : outbursts of jealousy, a tendency to violence in case of refusal in men and revenge until the final destruction in women.

Earthly Venus in combination with Mercury in the same element helps to keep emotions under control, but if they are in the element of water, then the native will strive for the dominant partner, receiving subconscious pleasure from suffering. Men are often prone to assault during quarrels, women passionately fall in love with rude, “bad” partners from the point of view of society.

At the same time, the carriers of the Mars-Pluto opposition are able to love loyally and passionately, revitalizing the feelings of a partner who has suffered mental trauma with energy. The main thing is to learn to shift the focus of attention from personal experiences to the inner world of a loved one.

Elaboration of the Mars-Pluto opposition

Having mastered the art of diplomacy, having mastered planning and self-discipline, the native will easily conquer the world, but not by violent military actions, but by charisma, charm and creative fire. These are great actors, painters, sculptors, detective novelists and crime journalist.

The Mars-Pluto opposition is partly harmonized by work in surgery, law enforcement and the judiciary, mines, banks, and the steel industry.

In personal relationships, you should give up excessive authority, jealousy and control over your partner’s life, allowing him to be himself. Excess stress will go away thanks to sports: boxing, martial arts, football, hockey are great for the male sex.

Girls should do aikido and karate, running and hiking. In the female horoscope, the aspect portends an aggressive and rude husband. Knowing this, one must work with a psychologist to remove the tendency to masochism, and carefully monitor the mental state of the chosen one before marriage.

To stabilize the Mars-Pluto opposition, mascot stones are worn that help contain anger, idle talk and quickly recover from stress and physical exertion: jaspilite and hematite . Obsidian and black onyx will attract wealth and cool the mind, while carnelian will attract a kind and heartfelt companion.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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