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Opposition Mars-Saturn. Tin Woodman

The higher and lower principles of the planets in opposition come into direct conflict, which generates a storm of emotions in the soul and later pours out into external conflicts with the world. You need to influence here not on external circumstances, but to remove the imbalance in the soul, then life will improve on its own.

With the Mars-Saturn opposition, the native cannot find the right tactics in communicating with the world around him: aggression replaces apathy and indifference to his fate. He rushes about in search of a way out of a difficult situation, and then drops everything and goes with the flow. The roots of the problems lie in a difficult, painful relationship with a father who did not provide an example of masculinity for boys and support for girls. Sometimes rudeness and violence are perceived as the only way to fight for a brighter future.

The influence of the opposition Mars-Saturn on fate

It is especially hard for men. The best gender qualities: decisiveness, courage, will, the ability to stand up for oneself and earn a decent life, are shackled by the icy fear and precautions of Saturn . As soon as there is a lucky chance to get ahead or to show enterprise, the native begins to hesitate. He is afraid to infringe on the interests of rivals, cause negativity with unexpected wealth, or he simply considers himself unworthy.

In women, the Mars-Saturn opposition affects primarily relationships with men, causing shyness and timidity in communication and physical intimacy, as well as the feeling that they are not worthy of high salaries and career success. With a position in the 3rd and 10th houses – difficulties with brothers-sisters, at school – with teachers, and at work with the authorities, and in 5th and 7th houses – in marriage. Typical manifestations of the aspect in different spheres of life:

  • oppressive father and grandfather, teachers, pressure from business partners if they are much older than the native;
  • encountering physical punishment in childhood;
  • selfishness and stubbornness, a lack of understanding how to defend one’s desires without total suppression of the will of another;
  • emotional insensitivity, poor health, requiring tempering according to the regime;
  • religious fanaticism, unwillingness to see beyond the basic tenets of faith, blind trust in clergy;
  • cunning, rancor, vindictiveness, secret gloating over the problems of rivals;
  • injuries closer to old age due to occupational risk at work or through negligence;
  • unconscious creation of an atmosphere of enmity, misunderstanding and resentment around oneself.

Since it is extremely difficult for the owners of the Mars-Saturn opposition to create independent tactics of behavior that would arouse the respect of others, a profession suits them in conditions of strict subordination: military affairs, law enforcement agencies, sports. In art, they have a good chance of excellence in sculpture, documentary films and literature.

Love relationship

The sensuality and heartfelt affection of men and women with Mars-Saturn opposition in childhood suffered greatly from the cold or cruel attitude of the father. He probably did not give support in difficult situations, did not praise and did not spend much time with the child, which created a gap in his consciousness.

The lack of an image of kind and loving power leads to a deep need to earn love by following the rules, including out of fear of punishment. The carriers of the Mars-Saturn opposition give the impression of being calm, reasonable and correct precisely because they are afraid to violate the established way of life and look ridiculous in the eyes of others.

However, because of unhappy love and nervous shocks, they often commit suicide, as they lose their meaning of existence. At a low level of development, oddly enough, the thirst for revenge encourages them to live and fight on.

At a high level of spirituality, disappointments lead to solitude in a monastery. For happiness in marriage, one must learn to overcome shyness, liberate sexually, get rid of the feeling of guilt and the idea of ​​God punishing for the pleasures.

Elaboration of the Mars-Saturn opposition

Only the development of will and patience will help to harmonize the tough opposition of energies. The fact is that the aspect, although it does not bring obvious destruction, drives the native to despair by methodically postponing important events for later.

As soon as he gathers up the courage and go to the boss’s office with a proposal for a new interesting project and a request for a salary increase, he leaves on a business trip and it is not known when he will return. Decides to propose to a beautiful girl, and she is already getting married.

Here you need to either be patient and stubbornly go towards the goal, or choose another peak to conquer. As a rule, success comes late, and marriage happens after 40 years, when the bumps are full and a philosophical concept of the worldview is developed.

Oriental martial arts and healing gymnastics are shown astrologically: qigong, yoga. It is useful to go to the mountains and practice mineralogy, jewelry, mosaics and embroidery.

Obsidian , sardonyx, carnelian will become a talisman that gives a surge of initiative and optimism during the Mars-Saturn opposition . Leadership qualities will be awakened by black onyx . Saturn’s classic stone, blue sapphire, is not recommended in this aspect: it makes a person tough and arrogant. But malachite will awaken the heart chakra.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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