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Opposition Mars-Jupiter. One against all

The opposition of the planets creates an internal conflict of opposite energies in the native’s soul. Sometimes it seems that these are two different people, and it is good if the owner of the horoscope is intellectually and spiritually developed: then he manifests in different ways the highest qualities of the planets. This flexibility is extremely rare. Usually, contradictions and impulsive desires lead to quarrels and destruction, especially when in opposition are those responsible for happiness and decisiveness in achieving the goal, Jupiter and Mars.

Generosity turns into squandering not only one’s own, but also other people’s funds, pride – into morbid vanity and fanfare. An adventurer who goes to glory over the head, destroying rivals and teaching more calm and kind-hearted words, is dissatisfied first of all with himself. He doesn’t have enough: money, applause and even enemies.

The influence of the opposition Mars-Jupiter on fate

In a smart person, working on himself, the aspect awakens a practical streak that helps to realize ambitions and transfer experience to others. At the same time, there is aggressiveness if those whom the native is trying to do good, resist and do not want to voluntarily go to heaven.

This is especially evident when raising children, if the native has solar and ascending signs in Sagittarius, Aries and Capricorn. The carriers of the Mars-Jupiter opposition are constantly fighting with someone, exposing the hypocrisy of colleagues and bosses. There is no authority for them. On the contrary, they try to refute the recognized idols and become the only mouthpieces of truth. This brings in both admiring fans and implacable enemies.

The afflicted Mars distorts the noble intentions of Jupiter: the native wants to help his neighbor, but he has already been outstripped, or the sufferer turned out to be a liar, or ungrateful. In his youth, the bearer of the aspect fights for the truth, later fights for ideas, and by the age of 50 he matures for the activity of a teacher, if he overcomes the negative influences of the opposition:

  • irritability, haste, indiscipline, irascibility;
  • tendency to exaggeration, lying for the sake of a word of mouth, bragging;
  • unreasonable self-confidence, impulsiveness, the habit of arguing and fighting for any reason;
  • introducing chaos and destructive events into the lives of other people, provided there is no control of Martian energies;
  • religion as a theatrical mask, hypocrisy in communication: pretending to be friendly for the sake of profit;
  • dangers in travel: injuries, conflicts with other religions and loss of money.

With the right spiritual priorities and values, the owner of the aspect is able to become an implacable fighter against evil and a defender of the oppressed, which will bring honor and respect to society.

Love relationships with Mars-Jupiter opposition 

There should be no big problems in a marriage. The impact on personal attitude will be noticeable if Mars is in the 5th or 7th house , which attracts aggressive, in some ways even vulgar, partners. The owners of the opposition fall in love with debaters, rude people with a textured muscular figure, and in this situation, positive, kind-hearted people are not perceived as a couple.

In the first place is the external brutality of the appearance: even women like masculine and pumped up like bodybuilders.

If Jupiter is in the 5th and 7th houses , then an intellectually developed partner is chosen, with whom you can quarrel and fight on the topics of politics, religion and education. With the position of the planets in the 4th house, the aspect is turned on after marriage, not strongly manifesting itself before marriage.

A sweet and courteous native arranges quarrels and picks of opinions among the family. In this case, it is recommended to travel often and attend social events, where you can talk and argue a lot, and just relax at home. In all other cases, the owners of the Mars-Jupiter opposition manifest themselves as generous and eloquent suitors, actively conquering the object of passion. They are so self-confident that in case of refusal they do not get upset, but go to the conquest of new fortresses.

Elaboration of the Mars-Jupiter opposition

The desire to lie and embellish reality needs to be spilled out in literature, journalism or blogging on social networks. Fanfare and boasting of the native quickly comes to light, because Jupiter in the highest manifestation stands up for truth and justice.

It will be possible to harmonize the opposition, showing the best qualities of both planets – determination, honesty, courage and willpower. The best stabilizers of energy imbalance will be sports with increased physical activity, football, polo, horse racing and even judging sports.

Your own opinion cannot be considered the only correct one, and when making a decision, the views of all participants should be taken into account. The native has the talent of a teacher, the main thing is not to succumb to anger if the students disagree or behave provocatively, responding with Jupiterian wisdom, and not with Martian fire to defeat. Abroad, disputes about sports, politics and religion should be avoided, and not be among the crowd during popular unrest.

Protective talismans in the Mars-Jupiter opposition will be red garnets – almandine and pyrope, helping to lead an active, stormy life and get out unscathed from any adventure and travel. Sardonyx contributes to improving discipline and friendly warmth in communication, and fire opal and amethyst will provide financial stability .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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