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Opposition Mercury – MC (Midheaven). The smartest student

When two participants in an aspect are directly opposite each other, in hostile elements, an opposition of their qualities arises in the human soul. This usually manifests itself in life-changing or stressful moments. Given that the Meridian of the Midheaven is involved here , denoting a field of activity that will bring glory and prosperity, it is in it that the planet will slip at the other end of the aspect.

Developed Mercury is essential for a successful career. In opposition, he is either shown excessively through talkativeness, superficiality of knowledge, passion for gossip, or, on the contrary, a person is immersed in books, studies, work, forgetting about warm, trusting contacts with colleagues and friends. They avoid him and do not want to promote him upstairs, because he is boring with him, despite his erudition.

Dangers of opposition Mercury – MC

The native firmly believes that there is no one smarter than him. His brain shuffles hundreds of facts and keeps in mind the smallest details when the planet of intelligence is in Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius. In other cases, he is eager to satisfy his thirst for knowledge by swallowing books on a variety of topics, or he is burning with creative ideas that must certainly be implemented.

The problem here is selfishness. The owners of the Mercury-MS opposition believe that the whole world is looking forward to when they will show him the results of their labor, therefore they only talk about their projects, plans, achievements, not being interested in events in the lives of other people. It turns out that reveling in the superiority of their brilliant mental abilities, they alienate potential friends and business partners who do not want to feel like a secondary role next to a self-sufficient genius.

The native causes irritation among less educated colleagues and a desire to conflict and debate among peers in intelligence. Therefore, for a calmer and more stable advance, it is required to study in detail all shades of the aspect’s influence on fate:

  • lack of a sense of tact, sympathy, the ability to remain silent or come up with a request at the right time, and not when you want it yourself (except for the Moon and Venus in Pisces);
  • absent-mindedness, hovering in dreams of a great future, concentration only on things that are interesting to oneself, which is why fateful chances and information important for promotion are overlooked;
  • intrigues, gossip, misinformation about colleagues at a low level of spirituality or with a strong Lilith and her aspect by Mercury;
  • irritation with a too fast take-off in a career, when there is no moral readiness to work more or when everything is not going according to plan (especially when the planet is retrograde in natal);
  • difficulties in professional implementation, lack of comfortable working conditions;
  • obsession with past successes, fear of novelty and competition with younger professionals.

The native’s idea of ​​the world, interaction with it and the system of personal values ​​are formed in early childhood and adolescence, and later it is almost impossible to change these stereotypes. It is important to form a broad outlook and respect for the opinions of other people precisely in the student years, otherwise there will be constant confrontations with any dissent.

Personal relationships

People of different ages are initially drawn to men and women with the opposition Mercury – Midheaven. They can find a common language in everyone, thanks to curiosity, erudition and the ability to mentally take the place of another person. But at a low level of spirituality, this turns them into devil’s advocates, and opinions change as quickly as a weather vane in a gust of wind, which is annoying.

The demeanor and the speed of achieving success depend on the environment.

Most likely, the owner of the Mercury-MS grew up in an intelligent environment, although with certain indicators, belonging to the criminal thieves’ sphere is not excluded. In any case, the flexibility of thinking, erudition and physical dexterity in the family were appreciated and encouraged. Arguments with parents about the future profession and the desire to prove their creative solvency are likely. The bearer of the aspect does not choose radically other professions, but a fantasy writer or an Instagram designer can grow up in a family of political scientists.

In his home, the native adores guests, noisy debates on political and philosophical topics, and is very offended if personal information is hidden from him.

Elaboration of the opposition Mercury-MS

The owner of the horoscope must definitely get a higher education. Without it, he will miss out on a ton of career opportunities. These people are prone to nervous strain, which manifests itself at the most inopportune moment. A brilliantly trained specialist suddenly refuses to speak in public under the influence of incomprehensible timidity and fear, or he tries to seem like a master of his craft, but his voice trembles and his face flames.

It is important to find a good psychologist, study psychosomatics and be able to relax. The best way to relieve tension for the carrier of the Mercury-MS aspect is swimming, dancing, yoga and qigong.

For a reboot of consciousness, extreme sports are suitable – rock climbing, hang gliding, riding a motorcycle. You need to alternate mental and physical activity, learn to listen to the desires of other people, not to impose your opinion and presence at any cost.

At work, it is better to wear clothes in green shades, use emerald color for office design and business accessories. Talisman stones: malachite , chrysolite , green jasper , agate , onyx .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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