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Opposition Neptune – Lilith: adepts of magic

The internal tension created by the opposition can only spoil the life of those who are not familiar with astrology. If desired, a person directs this energy to the accomplishment of affairs along the line of the affected houses, fulfilling dreams. However, when the higher planets are involved, things are much more complicated. Neptune skillfully clouds reality with imaginary magic castles and dreams, the native loses touch with real life, because dreams seem much more attractive to him.

Lilith at the same time requires the immediate realization of all large-scale desires. As a result, the native begins to act from a contrived position of a superhero and a superstar that he is not yet, which is either ridiculous or destructive. A person experiences the strongest disappointment, but again and again steps on the same rake. At the same time, if you use your strengths: acting talent, musicality, plasticity, intuition, you can materialize everything that comes to mind through creativity.

The dangers of the opposition Neptune – Lilith

The main problem of the native is misleading both himself and others. Depending on the level of development of Lilith and the spirituality of the person himself, this can be both unintentional and purposeful for the purpose of personal enrichment.

For example, one of the most popular oppositions is when Lilith is in the 8th house , where she is unusually strong in symbolism, and Neptune is in the 2nd . Such a person attracts money in an incomprehensible way, or he knows how to weave such a network of machinations that they themselves carry everything and voluntarily give it back.

The second option is the ability to attract finances through dreams and magical rituals. This is exactly the case when the created treasure map is instantly realized in reality, while nothing works for others.

If, on the contrary, the Black Moon is in the 2nd house, and Neptune is in the 8th, then the native has the potential to manage huge financial flows, but he can steal, weave intrigues at work, substitute colleagues, and also earn through esotericism.

The weaker Neptune, the less temptation to use his gift of seducing people, but the weaker the materialization of the desired through imagination.

A strong planet gives the talent of an actor, but due to the temptations, Lilith uses her native for other purposes, but to mislead people about the topics of the affected houses.

At a low level of development, these are born scammers, creators of financial pyramids, various pseudo-esoteric schools and false gurus. They can be found among totalitarian sects, as creators or adepts (if the planet is weak).

At a high level of development of its owner, the opposition Neptune – Lilith distorts the attitude and perception of others. A person can be considered an alcoholic or a drug addict, although this is not at all the case, gossip behind his back, breed for money. If the native accidentally becomes ill on the street and falls, then they will think about him, that he is most likely drunk, and they will pass by, but such cases are possible with the opposition of transit Lilith and Neptune, repeating the natal aspect. Most often, the axis 1 – 7 houses is affected.

The positive influence of the opposition Neptune – Lilith

These are actors and artists with a deep understanding of the subtle structure of the world around them. They have a channel of communication with the Universal Bank of Ideas, and if the inner desire to know good and evil is channeled into creativity, they will be able to compensate for the tempting influence of Lilith through their novels, films, paintings, identifying themselves with negative characters and living their fate in imagination. The native also has the talent of a dancer, pharmacist and psychologist. He is interested in studying the dark side of the world in order to understand how to improve the light side.

Opposition Neptune – Lilith and relationships

Partners perceive a person not as he is. If the native deceives, they believe him, he cheats – they do not notice. At the same time, when the owner of the aspect tries to be honest and correct, partners, on the contrary, begin to suspect him of lies, betrayal, they see a catch in every word and deed, they accuse him without reason. Much depends on the position of Neptune. If he is in the 7th house, and Lilith is in the 1st, then both men and women are very attracted to evil and various distorted forms of relationships, such as abuse, domination and submission. They are attracted to those who have addictions to alcohol, drugs, mental and physical trauma. Love for them is often associated with sacrifice and humiliation, when you need to follow your loved one to the ends of the world, even if he went to jail or openly pushes away from himself.

How to work out the opposition Neptune – Lilith

Aspects with higher planets are difficult to harmonize, they must be approached consciously, understanding their influence. With Neptune it is difficult, he intoxicates with dreams, makes you believe in the impossible, and when the fog clears, it turns out that for many years a person has been running after an unrealizable desire. Therefore, it is important to plan any of your actions, not to pay attention to gossip, they will always be in a person’s life, and it is also advisable to avoid alcohol and people who abuse it.

Tension is best drained into creativity, relieved by prayer practices, dancing, body therapy and swimming. Even if the native does not deceive anyone, he may face fraud himself, especially in terms of finances.

The best talisman stone for the opposition Neptune – Lilith – serpentine .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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