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Opposition Saturn-Pluto. The destroyer’s struggle with the creator

The opposition of the planets provokes internal tension in a person. Unlike quadrature, it turns on at full power several times in life, as a rule, during negatively colored transits and eclipses, but if you do not prepare for this in advance and do not work out complexes and psychological trauma, the consequences can be fatal.

Since childhood, the owners of the Saturn-Pluto opposition have been faced with a lack of privileges, situations of violence, contempt and hostility from certain sectors of society. These are echoes of the karmic debts of a past life, but if the native does not realize the call for transformation, resentment against the favorites of fortune, born with a silver spoon in hand, poisons life so much that the chance to fly up passes by, or at the right time a person pushes luck himself.

Impact of opposition Saturn-Pluto on fate

The karmic task is to overcome the outbursts of cruelty and ruthlessness, pouring out into a fiery lava of destructive emotions when faced with injustice and meanness. This is a reaction to the imperfection of the world and to blocking the fulfillment of desires by external circumstances and deep fears. Aggression accumulates for a long time inside, but if it breaks out, everyone suffers, including the native. The Saturn-Pluto opposition is especially eloquent when the planets are in the corner houses.

With additional negative aspects, a person constantly becomes guilty without guilt or ends up in prison on a false charge. The other extreme is positioning yourself as an enlightened guru who has learned the secrets of the universe. The need for self-affirmation and children’s psychological trauma lead to diktat, suppression of the will of others, especially those close and emotionally dependent. Other consequences of opposition also manifest themselves:

  • selfishness, reckless stupid actions, stubbornness;
  • fear of helplessness and poverty pushes for intrigue, betrayal, the use of human weaknesses for enrichment and advancement;
  • emotional coldness, addiction to violent films and sports, and in the worst case, the desire to contact the underworld;
  • the use of black magic and political conspiracies to achieve professional and personal goals;
  • the habit of breaking opponents instead of looking for a compromise;
  • the lust for power takes extreme forms of total control, from which family and friends suffocate;
  • inability to fully show talents;
  • accidents, catastrophes (when burdened by negative aspects of Mars and communication with the 3rd and 8th houses).

Throughout their lives, the owners of the Saturn-Pluto opposition strive to overcome the restrictions imposed by the first participant in the tandem, but not knowing the astrological background, they do it through aggression, destruction and opposition. They put everything on the line, and after losing, they crumble to ashes, starting from scratch over and over again. The secret is to use strong Saturnian qualities: planning, endurance, strong will.

Love and marriage with Saturn-Pluto opposition

The paradox of personal life in the attraction to dangerous, sexy and flamboyant personalities and the desire to put this Firebird under lock and key in order to own it undividedly. However, the Plutonian type, impressed by the native, will not tolerate domination and restrictions, entering into a fierce confrontation. The one whose Pluto is stronger and more enriched with positive aspects will win.

The owner of the horoscope also has deep respect and admiration for Saturnian types, especially for the solar Capricorns and Virgos, whose planet of order is also in the element of earth.

He admires the perseverance and art of planned ascent to the pinnacle of success. That is why, for ambitious intentions to rule the world and take revenge on enemies, the native chooses a Saturnian, correct and calculating, as a marriage partner. The problem is that the passion for the Plutonians does not go away, and there is a high probability of betrayal and the involvement of the family in the criminal affairs of lovers.

Elaboration of opposition Saturn-Pluto

It happens that the harmonization of this aspect will become the most difficult task of the owner of the horoscope, but this karmic lesson will need to be passed to the end: too many sensual forbidden pleasures, cruelty and violence against the will of a person were accumulated in a past life, therefore, restraints were created in the form of fears and circumstances in this embodiment. But this is not a curse, but work for the purification of the soul and the release of talents bound by complexes.

The house and sign of the position of Saturn shows the areas where fear and shame must be overcome, and the position of Pluto denotes the sphere of transformation of dark instincts into bright and noble intentions. For example, in the position of the lord of order in the 2nd house , negative experiences are associated with money and real estate. It is the horror of poverty and vagrancy that includes Pluto’s black power. But if the planet of black passions is in the 5th and 7th houses , it is necessary to transform the painful thirst for fame and control over loved ones into selfless creativity and love.

Sessions of a psychologist, oriental healing practices: qigong, yoga, meditation, religious practices and literary creativity will help in this. The native also perfectly realizes his creativity in sculpture and architecture as a glassblower, jeweler, architect, and also throws out some of his inner tension in detective work.

Talismans that help overcome pain and fear will be obsidian , vesuvian and black onyx . Happiness in love will bring red pomegranate , carnelian and sardonyx.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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