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Opposition Ascending (Descending) Node – Neptune: eyes wide shut

The opposition of Neptune is an incredibly complex aspect that distorts the worldview of a person, an aspect that can thoroughly ruin life. The native does not have an internal tuning fork, and, accordingly, an adequate understanding of how to properly fulfill his destiny. He can be sure that he is on the right path and only over the years he realizes that he made a mistake.

Given the karmic influence of the axis of the lunar nodes , a person is strongly influenced by generic attitudes. As a rule, this is expressed in self-delusion: everyone is to blame, but not me, or in the belief that I am bad and unworthy of happiness. The native wants to open up creatively, but the fear of failure blocks any attempts to act. In his heart he is a star and a winner, but in reality he is shy and depends on the opinions of others. You can overcome the Neptunian fog only by taking a sober look at yourself from the outside.

Neptune Opposition Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Unprocessed opposition greatly poisons life. The native is thrown from self-flagellation into the megalomania of a misunderstood genius, he does not see the forest for the trees, although the decision is always literally under his nose: you need to understand what attitudes of past incarnations to abandon, especially in the case of the opposition of the Ascending (Northern) node with Neptune, which at the same time will be in connection with Descending (Southern).

In such a situation, it is already clear that in the past incarnation, the owner of the horoscope reached a peak in Neptunian themes, regardless of whether it was success in creativity or complete immersion in alcoholism, incorporeal fantasies, co-dependent relationships.

If this is repeated now and interferes with development in the theme of the house and the sign of the Ascending Node, negative manifestations must be mercilessly cut off. Sensitivity, intuition, fantasy and Neptunian talents, on the contrary, will help to master a new sphere and bring your own uniqueness to it.

Owners of the opposition of the Descending Node with Neptune give the impression of people not of this world. They seem to have erased the memory of past achievements and mistakes.

It is highly likely that they will again step on the same rake, so you need to study in detail the symbolism of the South Node, how it can interfere with the manifestation of Neptune in the North.

Perhaps in a past life, a person’s talents were crushed due to circumstances or buried in the ground by himself, and now it’s time to take courage and show the world yourself as a talented musician, artist, artist, doctor, chemist or dancer.

Harmonization of the opposition of Neptune with the Ascending Node

With this aspect, there is always a danger of falling into addiction and depression. A person is drawn to the past. Unconsciously, he repeats the mistakes of his ancestors, and it’s good if he knows about the weak links in the family: which of them suffered from alcohol, unrequited love, or parted with the dream of creative realization for the sake of practical considerations. The easier it will be to work it out now through charity, the study of psychology, astrology and any creative direction from which the soul sings.

The main obstacle to happiness is old destructive habits. It is very difficult for a person to leave the comfort zone, even for the sake of a great dream, which he dreams about while lying on the couch.

The study goes through Saturn – the creation of a system of actions to achieve the goal and the definition of one’s destiny according to the North Node. If, for example, he is in Capricorn, then he opposes the conjunction of Neptune with the South Node in Cancer. This means that in a past life, the native was dependent on love and family relationships, perhaps he sacrificed himself or his gift for the sake of higher goals: partners, parents, saving the motherland. This love and sensitivity will help him now in creating a warm family atmosphere at work or in setting up a business where relatives will be involved (Ascending Node in Capricorn), but he will have to give up authoritarianism and idealization of his opinion as the only true one. Thus the person brings the best of the Descending Node realm into the future and the opposition is neutralized.

Harmonization of Neptune Opposition with the South (Descent) Node

A person with this aspect is drawn to be the object of the dreams of the crowd. He wants to be admired, loved and praised, therefore, depending on the level of development, 2 scenarios are likely:

  • the desire for popularity at any cost, even through participation in immoral activities: alcohol parties are the most harmless thing that can be, but often the native does not shun group orgies and is generally ready for anything to gain access to fame;
  • development of their creative talents at a high level, participation in international competitions, concerts, search for their mentor and spiritual teacher.

The resistance of the South Node is expressed in the desire to please the needs of the viewer, consumer, buyer or patient, symbolically denoted by the Neptunian concept of the “crowd” and dissolution in it, while the native needs to be a guiding star for the masses to be adjusted to him, and not vice versa.

At the same time, it does not matter whether he is a rock star, a famous doctor, a chef, a photographer, a jewelry maker, a designer, he needs to boldly occupy a narrow niche and not be afraid to be different from others.

The most important thing is to turn off the mind and follow your intuition, then there is always a chance to be at the right time in the right place.

As a rule, the native feels his destiny from childhood, and even if it seems impractical, but if this is his way, he will certainly bring money and fame.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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