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Opposition Jupiter-Pluto – along the path of Napoleon

The opposition of the planets includes a battle between their principles and energy, shifting focus from one to another, as a result of which a person receives karmic retribution for low deeds, finding himself in the place of former victims. However, when working out the problem, the reward also finds the hero, giving the opportunity to control energy flows.

The Jupiter-Pluto opposition includes a lust for power and wealth. If there is no spiritual core and the battle goes on along the lower floors, then getting what he wants, the native destroys himself or those close to him in the line of business of the house where Pluto stands. For example, it only seems to him that he will be the best leader of the company, but becoming one leads it to bankruptcy. Conceit and adventurism lead to dubious fame in a dangerous way. With a strong Mars, man is able to destroy empires.

Influence of the Jupiter-Pluto opposition on fate

The native considers himself to be the measure of truth, therefore he learns from his own bumps, excluding the experience of others. The Plutonian path of dominance and submission brings short-term success, but when the focus changes, he will certainly experience the same methods for himself. This concerns the exploitation of people for personal gain and the imposition of their own worldview on them, ridicule of other people’s values.

The owners of the Jupiter-Pluto opposition subconsciously feel access to huge reserves of energy, but without an experienced esoteric teacher it is better not to experiment, because self-will and permissiveness in hypnosis, extrasensory perception and financial flow management brings energy failures in the body in this very aspect.

Other manifestations of opposition:

  • selfishness, wastefulness, inability to keep secrets, if you want to impress;
  • dogmatic, arrogant, gambling and predisposition to gambling addiction;
  • internal rushing between self-confidence and doubts about their competence;
  • restless pursuit of pleasures, excessive fun, spending money, gluttony;
  • rash decisions, disregard for etiquette and moral standards;
  • imposing new social institutions and economic reforms of an eccentric and even shocking nature for the people;
  • the need to create something great, to immortalize one’s name in history is expressed in radical and strange methods that change the fate of people and countries.

Periodically, the opposition of the planets includes an acute sense of sinfulness and the native begins to engage in spiritual and prayer practices. Then the Higher Forces reveal to him the knowledge of where to move on. The key to solving karmic problems in humility, a philosophical attitude towards wealth and power, as tools for the global improvement of the quality of life, and not for personal hoarding. This is especially difficult for solar Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio and Pisces.

Love relationship

A native has a chance of a happy personal life with a harmonious position of Venus and Mars. Their position in Cancer, Pisces, Taurus encourages to seek harmony and romance in the family, when in the arms of a loved one you want to forget about battles and intrigues. However, if these planets are in Aries, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra, then attention is focused exclusively on the rich and famous, and inner beauty and nobility do not matter.

The owner of the opposition Jupiter-Pluto seeks to fly up to the social Olympus at the expense of a partner, or he considers the union in the long term of a common business.

The chosen ones associated with the sign of Pisces contribute to spiritual development and transformation. A fatal passion that changes fate will be a person with the Sun, Ascendant, Venus in Scorpio. The nature of the changes depends on the level of intelligence and awareness of both participants in the union.

For family happiness, the career realization of the wards of the Jupiter-Pluto opposition is important, otherwise, not having received satisfaction with power and power on a large scale, they will begin to recoup their family, demanding complete submission and admiration.

Elaboration of the Jupiter-Pluto opposition

Even with a good situation and character improvement, the native causes hostility in people karmically. It is difficult to love him because of his conceit and arrogance, which are difficult to hide. But astrologers reveal a secret – this happens on purpose, because the Higher Forces want a person to try to convince those around him who are skeptical about him in their positive qualities and talents, and for this he will have to use the Plutonian power for good. However, this will happen easier and faster with unconditional love and support within the family.

Opposition is thoroughly worked out through leadership abilities: leadership in creating something global, eternal and practical, from the political and banking system to the construction of buildings. The sphere of application of power will be shown by the house and the sign of the location of Jupiter. Obstacles to the goal are usually built by the native himself. Rudeness, intolerance of a different opinion and inability to refrain from disputes with higher ranks often close all prospects.

The elaboration of the opposition is facilitated by jewelry with natural stones – smoky quartz, rauchtopaz and yellow sapphire . To protect against negativity and intrigue of enemies, you need to wear black jasper , but be sure to remove it at home so as not to turn into a tyrant.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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