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Sextile Mars-Neptune. Active dreamer

The aspect of 60 degrees between the planets is considered favorable, but not everything is so simple. Sextile shows the possibility of prosperity and a breakthrough to success through the use of the best qualities of the two planets involved, if they are strong. A weak position portends overcoming obstacles along the line of houses where they are located, but promises victory in case of perseverance. This is especially true of sextile owners of such different planets as Mars and Neptune.

Even in a harmonious position, fiery creators and dreamers are in too much haste to implement their ideals into reality, without really thinking about the consequences. These are the Decembrists who thirst for justice for all strata of society, but do not understand the explosiveness of impulsive actions. Enthusiasm, bombast and desire to build a beautiful castle of the new world here and now exclude participation in the monotonous laying of bricks. The power of faith and enthusiasm must be applied not through emotionality, but through wisdom and practicality.

Pros and cons of Mars-Neptune sextile

The owners of the Mars-Neptune sextile excel in activities that require inspiration and developed imagination. Theater, music, painting, poetry, cinema and photography will bring a splash of joy and pleasure, harmonizing both planets. The main thing is to bring the matter to the end and resolutely defend your vision of the creative process.

Sometimes the owners of the Mars-Neptune sextile react too aggressively to criticism, harbor resentment and skillfully take revenge on ill-wishers. It is important to give up behind-the-scenes intrigues, lies and denigrations of competitors in achieving the goal. In the highest spiritual manifestation, a compassionate, gentle and talented person dreams of enveloping the whole world with love and healing the wounds of his neighbor.

From these considerations, the native goes into politics, where, faced with behind-the-scenes intrigues, either accepts them, passing to the lower vibrations of Neptune , and succeeds, or decisively rejects them. In the second case, the fiery struggle for ideals can turn into a life-long battle or death if Mars is weak. It is necessary to carefully study the pros and cons of the aspect:

  • rich imagination, sensuality, clairvoyance, idealism combined with practical acumen and organizational skills;
  • a philosophical attitude towards a team, where they intrigue and gossip, the ability to come out of traps and ambiguous situations with honor;
  • the desire for wealth and monetization of creative talents, the thirst for fame pushes the use of black PR;
  • compassion, sentimentality, romance, persistence in courtship;
  • the habit of using secret passages to achieve a goal – through other people, letters, anonymous letters, veiled messages in creativity;
  • plasticity, grace, the ability to convey an image in dance: success in the theater, synchronized swimming, ballet;
  • the ability of a physician, psychologist, priest, chemist and pharmacist, inventing new progressive drugs.

The owners of the aspect lead a healthy lifestyle, and are able to give up alcohol and gambling addictions by will. Astrologers advise them to relieve stress by relaxing by the river, on a sea cruise, or playing water sports.

Love relationships with sextile Mars-Neptune

These people are always in search of the perfect ideal – a king or a princess. They are greedy for a beautiful appearance and romance of appearance, completing the ideal psychological traits of the chosen one. Later, carriers of the Mars-Neptune aspect wondered how they could not see the obvious flaws in character and spend so much time on conquest. The fact is that the native’s imagination is agitated by an inaccessible object. In an effort to gain attention, devoting poems and paintings to the chosen one, he inflamed with passion and falls in love more deeply through the inclusion of his own creative fire.

Having achieved the desired and faced with everyday moments, he becomes disappointed and embarks on a search for a new ideal. You need a noble, religious, sensitive partner, with an artistic perception of the world. It is important for a native to go through a joint mystical experience on the path of self-development, share insights and insights from above, and embark on adventures. The best way to win the heart of the owner of the Mars-Neptune sextile is to offer to take part in a secret mission to save people or animals, or to expose the villains. A partner with Venus in Pisces , Cancer or Sagittarius will suit the native .

Sextile Mars-Neptune in the child’s horoscope

The best thing that parents of a toddler with a Mars-Neptune sextile can do is to understand the area in which the child is talented, develop this gift and instill confidence in success. It is important to confirm each milestone of a new achievement with a gift or a trip to the cinema, theater, circus. Such children are dreamy and compassionate. They identify with the sick and unhappy, so it is better to protect them from watching the news with footage of accidents or incidents in hospitals, horror films, because the child then suffers from nightmares.

A small bearer of the sextile Mars-Neptune seeks to rescue those in trouble and often pulls drowning peers out of the water or rescues victims of bullying, intuitively understanding how to use multi-pass intrigues for a good purpose. Falling in love, secretly experiences a rich range of emotions, throwing the subject of sympathy with anonymous messages and letters of compliment. You need to be wary of destructive outbursts of disappointment and anger, to be able to dump them in sports, music, neurographics. If Neptune is damaged, there is a danger of poisoning.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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