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Venus Sextile – MC (Midheaven). Gift of harmony

Venus is the planet of happiness, love and easy money. Much luck to be the owner of its sextile to Meridian sky Means in the 10th house of fame and career. Personal charm plays a major role in getting the results you want. It can be both the patronage of high-ranking officials, the personal sympathy of the authorities, but also your own creativity and the desire to decorate the world around you with kindness and creative finds.

Carriers of the sextile Venus – the Middle of Heaven know how to smooth out sharp corners in communication, reconcile enemies and bring warm sincerity to any team. It gives satisfaction with work and others, but the main secret is the ability to create the desired reality on your own. However, if you succumb to the temptation of luxury, idleness and squandering, you can block the source of abundance of sextile, which acts brightly and strongly only with the development of the highest Venusian qualities of character.

Influence of sextile Venus – MC on fate

The planet of love has been supportive of the wards from their young years. They are lucky with teachers, and the atmosphere of warmth and well-being reigns in the family. However, the aspect is most clearly manifested during puberty, which in this case, surprisingly occurs later than physiological norms, which does not detract from the external charm of the native.

The image of a naughty child often becomes an image in the field of art. Since Venus patronizes creativity, beauty, luxury and relationships, her wards are most likely to pursue a fast-paced career in film, theater, fashion, design, jewelry, marriage and weddings.

For the owners of the Venus-MC sextile, it is important to do what they really love, without routine and monotony, and also swim in the admiration of others when the result is achieved. That is why there are many artists, fashion designers, actors and singers among them, especially if the planet of love is part of the Grand Trine.

Without using the capabilities of the aspect, a person gets great pleasure from needlework, even if it is collecting puzzles and mosaics.

Other important nuances of sextile manifestation in the native’s life:

  • physical attractiveness and neatness magically contribute to the rapid advancement in the service (this activates the luck of Venus);
  • visiting cultural events, fashion exhibitions and concerts includes sextile, which means it attracts useful acquaintances;
  • the habit of feeling in the center of attention at work, being loved by the team, inspires at the highest level of development and promotes selfishness and arrogance in people with a primitive consciousness;
  • an innate sense of proportion, beauty, taste;
  • lack of desire to seek someone else’s admiration and misunderstanding of the enthusiasm of others about their person or the results of creativity, which gives independence from other people’s opinions, but also extinguishes the desire for victories;
  • fear of conflict: a native would rather give up his opinion than quarrel with a friend or competitor;
  • sociability, pleasant manners, the need to surround yourself with beautiful stylish things.

As a leader, the native strives to create an atmosphere of trust and warmth in a luxurious office. As a subordinate, he will most likely feel the personal interest of the boss.

Personal relationships

The mother of the owner of the aspect is a bright creative person and is clearly not a housewife, although the house is expensively and tastefully furnished. She teaches children good manners, love and art and ambition. Girls and guys with sextile Venus – MC perceive their mother as a friend with whom you can share any secrets.

In the life of a man, partners will play a big driving role, with whom they associate strong romantic emotions, and women are inspired to bold jumps to professional heights, looking at a bright and sexy boss. Representatives of both sexes are not averse to starting an office romance and generously help their chosen ones on the way to their goals. At the same time, the native will never boast of winning someone else’s heart and will keep the relationship a secret.

Many friends are always ready to help both with advice and financially. Men with the sextile Venus – The middle of the sky have more girlfriends than friends, and if the planet of love rules 1 house , then outwardly they can be somewhat effeminate.

Practical implementation of sextile Venus – MC

The key to success is beauty. This applies to your own appearance and the appearance of others. In the new team, you can safely choose the most attractive person and be sure that this will be the best guide to the world of a new business and an assistant in everything.

Women are doing great business with their friends. It is important for a native of any gender to feel personal attractiveness, to hear applause, whether it be a performance on stage or a public presentation.

In case of depression, for owners of fire signs, a visit to a beauty salon and a theater will be an excellent medicine, floriculture and the purchase of jewelry will help earthly ones, airy ones will bloom during a stormy party with friends, and water ones will rise after going to a concert or art exhibition.

Stones-talismans will help to enhance the action of sextile in fateful moments: diamonds , turquoise , malachite , pink spinel, quartz , tourmaline and green aventurine .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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