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Venus-Neptune Sextile. Magic at the wave of wand

Sextile is an auspicious aspect that unites two planets at an angle of 60 degrees. It shows the need to reveal the best astrological qualities of the tandem participants according to the sign of their stay. Higher powers have fully endowed the owners of the bright Venus-Neptune union with talents in the field of art, religion, literature and medicine.

If they give up abilities because of their inherent vulnerability and laziness, then they are drowning in helplessness and poverty, suffering from mental disorders. But the manifested gifts help to become stars of artistic creativity and healers who save the world from dark forces.

Pros and cons of Venus-Neptune sextile

A native’s sensitivity and daydreaming helps to timely feel good prospects for moving upward, intuitively predict fashion trends and be in the right place to meet useful people. The owners of the Venus-Neptune sextile are characterized by a certain magic: by presenting in detail what they want and plunging into fiction with a sense of reality, they materialize a dream.

With the strong positions of the planets, they do not even need to hammer the rapids and work hard: everything floats into your hands. If Neptune is struck , then the perception of the world is distorted, resentment increases, and minor troubles are perceived as severe suffering. Aspect bearers are often tormented by feelings of guilt and atonement for sins by regularly attending church. The best way would be to throw out tension through creativity – music, painting, dance, and explore the strengths and weaknesses of the Venus-Neptune sextile to enhance the pros and harmonize the cons:

  • unearthly charm, melodic voice, melodious speech and fluidity of movements;
  • intuition on the verge of clairvoyance, the ability to read the mood and thoughts of the interlocutor at the level of feelings;
  • artistic giftedness and a subtle understanding of art, psychology, emotional experiences;
  • easy establishment of friendly and business contacts, willingness to help, comfort, solve other people’s problems;
  • success in organizing cultural, charitable events, pedagogy, medicine;
  • thirst for love as in novels and melodramas, the need for unusual mental and physical experiences, craving for extraordinary partners;
  • tendency to emotional, alcoholic, drug addiction, infantilism, pessimism and vulnerability.

Owners of the Venus-Neptune sextile need to develop practicality, deliberately grounding themselves through simple, earthly joys – buying pleasant little things, talking with friends on everyday topics, and not just religiously sublime ones. Venus is also worked out through public speaking and demonstration of creativity to a wide audience.

Love relationships with sextile Venus-Neptune

The mysticism of the native’s consciousness seeks magic in easy love and creates it deliberately in a serious relationship. An ideal union when a partner has a similar sextile, and the two creators merge in the ecstasy of universal love. However, the subtlety of perception helps the native to adapt to any person, intuitively understanding the type of his thinking and giving the necessary peace and healing through his healing energy.

A good union will be with the owner of Venus in Taurus , Libra and Leo , but marriage with the carrier of the affected Neptune is dangerous due to alcoholism or destruction of the nervous system for the company, since the native unconsciously identifies himself with a loved one. It is good if the sun sign is in the element of fire or earth, creating a stable balance of personality.

Dating the carrier of the Venus-Neptune sextile occurs under unusual circumstances or in places associated with Neptune: in a church, theater, museum, on a film set or on a ship. The water element awakens in the native a passion for life and creativity. The desire to make humanity happy makes it a successful writer, politician, doctor, especially if there is a loving and faithful, and most importantly, practical companion nearby.

Venus-Neptune sextile in the child’s horoscope

A child with a Venus-Neptune sextile looks like an angel and is liked by others at first sight. He is always in a good mood, seeks to help adults and constantly dreams. From an early age, a small native begins to express emotions through painting, poetry, quickly learns songs and shows interest in playing musical instruments. He is sociable and easily finds friends in any team. Religion also attracts him and his parents are better off satisfying this curiosity through the necessary literature than allowing them to explore occult disciplines on their own.

If the planets are harmonious, then the bad rolls off his soul like dew from a cabbage leaf, but with a weak Neptune, shyness appears, lies for no reason and dependence on the opinion of a stronger comrade. Growing up, the owner of the Venus-Neptune sextile strives to become an ideal of beauty and to gain public recognition in fashion as a model or sitter, actor, designer. Successful in these areas, the native becomes more confident.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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