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Conjunction Mercury – MC (Midheaven). The power of the intellect

Meridian Midheaven passes through the cusp of the 10th house of power and social success, symbolizing true calling native. Developing in this direction, a person receives all the benefits that he dreams of: wealth, recognition, awards, and the main prize is the pleasure of work. The qualities of character that help to achieve this tempting goal are shown by the zodiac sign of the 10th house and planet with aspects.

Connecting brightest highlights those traits that lead to prosperity, and if they are blocked, the vocation will remain unsolved. However, in the case of a connection with the planet of intelligence by Mercury , this will not happen. After all, such an aspect endows with a developed mind, intuition, oratorical abilities and a greed for new knowledge. It is impossible to remain in the shadows with such a set of leadership qualities, but one must skillfully use it so as not to cause harm.

Effect of the Mercury compound – (MC) Midheaven

Success and career advancement are associated with conveying unique ideas and projects to the general public and performing in front of a wide audience. The native has an instant intellectual harmony with the audience and listeners, thanks to which he can take place as a journalist, actor, politician, teacher and entertainer. An easy way up is provided when Mercury is in the earth sign, in other cases you will have to fight with dilettantism, scattered interests, and with a position in the element of water also with distraction.

With additional negative aspects, the owner of the horoscope often achieves his goal with cunning intrigues, cunning, or rules through high-ranking officials, skillfully instilling his ideas in them, manipulating from around the corner.

Other striking features of the Mercury – MC compound:

  • the ability to easily adapt, accept other people’s rules of the game and put on social masks that are popular with bosses and the general public;
  • difficulties with a clear choice of profession, throwing from one activity to another;
  • emotional dryness, knowledge of the world through the mind, and not feelings, which often leads to loneliness;
  • inability for routine monotonous activity, unless Mercury is in the sign of Virgo or Capricorn, and nervousness as a result;
  • the basis of success is intelligence, which requires constant development and a commercial streak;
  • acting talent is emphasized by the ruler of the 10th house, Venus, or if he is in Libra, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, which will also come in handy in politics and the media;
  • position in water signs gives a poetic and literary gift, and when the messenger of the gods is retrograde in the natal chart, then it is easier for a person to express himself in writing than in public speeches;
  • bright sense of humor, cheerful disposition, the ability to please during a conversation and inspire confidence.

If Mercury is burned by the Sun, the native is harsh in his statements, fanatical in beliefs, ridicules dissidents and thereby makes many enemies. You need to be careful in public discussions with tense aspects with Neptune and Mars in order to avoid litigation for libel and baseless accusations.

Personal relationships 

All life is communication. With harmonious Mercury, the native is a walking notebook and networking guru. He knows all the right people, connects employers and job seekers, introduces future newlyweds.

Business success also comes through talkativeness and an active social life. This person is not comfortable at home if the 10th house is in fire and air signs. If the cusp of this sector is in the realms of water and earth, he would prefer people to come to him themselves, preferably to their personal account, and observe information flows from afar.

In general, the conjunction of Mercury and MC foreshadows a young boss, or the native prefers to work among young people. It can be both teaching at a university and business projects with young and ambitious employees. Acquaintance with the future chosen one also occurs at work in 90% of cases, but it is important to take into account aspects with the 7th house . However, without the support of Venus and the Moon, the owner of the horoscope suffers from a lack of tact, empathy and sensibility, which generates verbal squabbles and nagging in the family.

Practical interaction with aspect

For the owners of the Mercury-Midheaven conjunction, it is important to get a higher education. Specialization will be shown by the sign of the zodiac, as well as the planets in the 10th house, especially if there is a stellium . For example, the aspect in Leo will indicate the need to study at a prestigious university with creative and humanitarian faculties, in Sagittarius – foreign languages ​​and jurisprudence, in Virgo – science and accounting, in Capricorn – finance, personnel management, political technology.

The second point: for harmonious development along the Mercurial line of destination, you need to work out the Moon and Venus, so as not to turn into a calculating careerist and take place in your personal life, and if the connection is in the signs of water and fire, then you should also pay attention to Saturn to eliminate distraction, not punctuality and inability concentrate on one chosen business.

With negative aspects to the connection at work, there may be intrigues and gossip behind your back.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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