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Sun-Ascendant conjunction. The king says

The connection cannot be called unequivocally a positive aspect, because a lot depends on the level of human development and the qualities of character included by the tandem of the planets. By uniting into a single emotional center, they strengthen both the positive and negative properties of each other. The connection is always switched on when significant events and relationships appear, but different planets dominate depending on the sign, house and element, affected by circumstances on the physical plane.

The Sun and the Ascendant are the two most sensitive and constantly working points of the horoscope, which determine the position and success in society. They are always on, and it is better if they are in different signs and elements, otherwise it turns out to be a straightforward careerist rushing to the goal in the opposite lane.

The influence of the conjunction of the Sun and the Ascendant on fate

He is a bright and charismatic leader. Even if the aspect is in Pisces or Cancer, which does not imply a career as a leader, the native becomes a star in art, diplomacy or medicine, sometimes regardless of his desires to remain in the shadows. The positive and negative traits are bright and noticeable. The feeling that fate puts the owners of the conjunction of the Sun and the Ascendant in the center of everyone’s attention, regardless of the nature of their actions. The secret will always become apparent in any scenario.

Showy, noisy, brave men and women with this aspect evoke paradoxical feelings. They are loved, but envied, hated, but want to be similar. Fans are looking for the secret of success, but only the owners of the same union can repeat it. With the support of the Sun, the desire of the Ascendant to shine in society attracts fantastic opportunities for self-realization. This is also helped by other positive properties of the aspect:

  • inexhaustible optimism, talent of an organizer, charisma of a leader, determination;
  • the ability to quickly forgive, forget the bad, recover from stress and overload;
  • the social qualities of the zodiac sector, where the aspect is located, are clearly manifested: the ascending sign strengthens the solar;
  • magnetic personality: the native likes to be himself and to position his personal style as a measure of success.

The conjunction of the Sun and the Ascendant is most often found in the 1st house , giving rise to the native’s confidence in uniqueness and royal majesty. He goes straight to the goal, not thinking about the feelings and opinions of others. This also gives the other side of the coin:

  • selfishness, tactlessness, indifference to the fate of ordinary people;
  • overestimated self-esteem up to megalomania;
  • lack of empathy and lack of understanding why it is not possible to build a happy marriage.

Aspect is the key to success in society, because we will always have a pure lion king or the double magic of Libra, but the lack of flexibility and mutual understanding with people can nullify the need for the brilliant talents of a proud “star”.

Love and marriage at the conjunction of the Sun and the Ascendant

Life is easier for men with this aspect. At first glance, it is clear that man is born to rule and rule. This attracts many female fans eager to take a place with the king. Luck in personal life depends on the sign of the zodiac in which the Sun stands, because in conjunction with the Ascendant, characteristic qualities are enhanced, acquiring grotesque features: Leo looks like a narcissistic egocentric, Scorpio is obsessive and frightening, Capricorn is a tyrant and dictator. Therefore, for happiness in love, it is important to develop the best qualities of the sun sign. The situation is softened by the position of Venus next to the aspect or a favorable connection with it. The native’s companion must be ready to be in second place after her career. To follow the destination, to belong to the public and the country is the calling of the owner of such a horoscope.

When the Sun and the Ascendant are combined, it is more difficult for women: the masculine character and straightforwardness, the inability to adapt to the beloved, to remain silent at the right moment can be felt in them. Because of this, competition turns on in the relationship, disputes and conflicts occur, leading to a break. If at the same time Mars is in Capricorn, Aries or Leo, we have before us the real Joan of Arc, belligerent and fearless, who is difficult to conquer, because she is tuned in to heroic deeds on the battlefield or managing a million-strong corporation, creating a vaccine of immortality. She will like a man with a fiery or watery Mars. The first will fight along with her, the second will heal mental wounds.

Hands-on interaction and talisman stones

Owners of the conjunction of the Sun and the Ascendant need to pay close attention to the 7th house , especially if there are aspects related to the members of the union in the 1st house. This is an indicator of talents and areas of activity that will bring success and money, and the 7th house also indicates qualities of character that provide harmony and harmony with others. It is precisely diplomacy and flexibility of thinking that the categorical and outspoken native lacks.

More often than not, prosperity and well-being comes from politics, performing arts, and medicine. Examples: Emperors Augustus, Nero, Peter I, Nicholas I, Queen Victoria and Catherine de Medici, Omar Khayyam, R. Wagner. Slava finds a native herself, the main thing is to withstand the test of star fever.

People with the conjunction of the Sun and the Ascendant have phenomenal immunity, which allows them to be in the epicenter of the plague and remain unharmed. This makes them fearless and focused doctors in the process of treating complex diseases, as well as happy in fulfilling a great and honorable mission.

As amulets, you should select mascot stones of the zodiac sign, where there is a connection, and for social success, you can enhance the energy of the aspect with diamonds , zircons and amber . Decorations with carnelian , amethyst and almandine will add warmth and wisdom .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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