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Trigon Mercury – MC (Midheaven). To success on the wings

Trigon is a symbol of easy luck. It unites the planets and important points of the horoscope, standing in a related element, accelerating the achievement of the desired. If one of the participants is the Meridian of the Midheaven , then the native quickly determines the sphere of professional implementation, intuitively knows how to achieve recognition, and receives honors even for small successes, not to mention discoveries and high earnings. When Mercury is in Trigon– the messenger of the gods and the patron saint of intellectual development, the chances increase significantly. A keen mind, a sense of humor and good intuition help maintain harmony in the workplace and at home in the family, as well as make a brilliant career, paying attention to loved ones. Speed ​​is the key word for such a person’s success. As soon as he slows down, succumbs to laziness or boredom, the trine imperceptibly begins to weaken.

The influence of the trigone Mercury – MC on fate

The professional ambition of aspect holders is closely related to intellectual activity. Even if by chance they earn extra money as sellers in the market, then they are the most knowledgeable and well-read workers with a lot of interests: from politics to local gossip. At home, they always have a huge library, modern gadgets and high-speed Internet to quickly receive information from various sources.

Good relationships with relatives, especially younger siblings, help in professional advancement. They inspire achievements or magically help the native to be in the right place at the right time.

Despite the fact that carriers of the trine Mercury – MC cannot imagine life without a public demonstration of their brilliant erudition and an impressive career, home comfort is no less important for them. 70% of the time, they work hard to invest big in their dream home, especially when Mercury and the Midheaven are in the earth and water signs. If the position is in the element of fire and air, then there may be several such houses: for the soul and for social meetings. The main lines of influence of the trigon Mercury – MC on fate:

  • a sharp mind, tenacious photographic memory, imagination, quick reactions and a commercial streak contribute to career success;
  • the decision to choose a profession is made in early youth and confidently follow the plan;
  • brilliant oratorical skills are instantly applied, events develop in such a way that it is impossible to stay away from the podium or stage;
  • Mercury retrograde may require efforts from the native in his school years, but after entering the university, knowledge is given easily, as well as the sympathy of teachers;
  • higher education is an indispensable basis for success, it is desirable to study full-time;
  • the ability to give practical advice, direct a person to the desired path of development, the gift of a psychologist;
  • the desire to learn from famous and experienced people in order to take an appropriate position in society.

The owner of the aspect will excel in any field of activity where intelligence is valued: politics, advertising, real estate, tourism, pedagogy, medicine, journalism, PR, commercial literature, jurisprudence. It is important to choose an area of ​​work with a variety of activities, since routine work is not for the native.

Personal relationships

The happiness of the owner of the horoscope in the open channels of kinship. The mother is most often a well-educated intellectual, who early discovered the child’s talents and applied all the methods to develop them: circles, a library, a music school, and in addition, approval and admiration for success.

Short trips, and later business trips, facilitate meeting people who will become employers, mentors, and lovers. If, according to inner feelings, there is a period of stagnation, you need to go on a journey.

Parents strongly influence the formation of worldview, personal values ​​and demeanor.

The boss, as a rule, is younger in age, cooperation with a brother or sister is not excluded, which will bring mutual benefit, provided that the 3 houses are positively assessed .

Holders of the trine Mercury – MC easily get to know each other, acquire useful connections, thanks to their innate ability to easily start a conversation and make a favorable impression. In the family they have harmony and harmony, thanks to the ability to negotiate.

Practical interaction with the trigon Mercury – MC

It is desirable for men and women with this aspect to live in big cities, where from childhood they can find the use of their outstanding mental abilities and improve them. It is important to develop the emotional sphere so as not to become a dry intellectual.

For this, music lessons are ideal, where the study of fine motor skills and the activation of the imagination are combined. The second most useful is painting and sculpture. The carriers of the trine Mercury – the middle of the sky have a vulnerable nervous system, therefore, sports with moderate physical activity are shown to strengthen it: tennis, shooting, swimming or team games.

Clarity of mind is the number one way to achieve any goal. However, we must not forget that a mind tuned in to harmony cuts off any doubts about the correctness of the decision, criticism and even advice from those who, according to the native, are not educated enough, which leads to bragging and overestimated self-esteem.

As a result, unwillingness to change behavior for the better and a damaged reputation.

Stones talismans: emerald , diopside, tsavorite, green jasper , agate , malachite and tourmaline will help to maintain the adequacy of the worldview and flexibility of thinking .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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