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Trigon Venus-Uranus. With a song through life

By skillfully using the gifts of the trigon (trine), a person can prosper throughout his life. One favorable aspect draws out the entire horoscope, but if you only take generously supplied blessings without developing talents, then after 30 years a cruel encounter with reality awaits without the support of heavenly forces. However, the owners of the Venus-Uranus trine rarely sit idle.

Incorrigible optimists with sparkling humor and confidence in creative uniqueness are determined to conquer the world. They do it playfully, and a bright unusual appearance helps on the path to fame, as well as musicality and plasticity. Do not flatter yourself, external spirituality and benevolence do not guarantee the depth of the personality. The native is artistic, but superficial. Success comes in television, radio, film, supported by influencers.

Possibilities of the Venus-Uranus trigon

The combination of beauty, emotionality and original use of abilities makes a person incredibly attractive to the opposite sex. Holders of the Venus-Uranus trine prefer unusual professions, images and hobbies. With an outwardly romantic appearance, they are very practical, they are versed in modern technology, electronics and investments. These are not poor artists.

At the first opportunity, they benefit financially from the interest in their musical and acting skills, and becoming famous will require compliance with every letter of the contract. Friends of the carriers of the Venus-Uranus trine are original and inventive people who help in achieving goals along with the capabilities of the aspect that affect character and destiny:

  • spontaneity, spontaneity of nature, optimism, sex appeal;
  • assertion of one’s own style in art;
  • good luck in financial affairs and business relations;
  • sensitivity, responsiveness, eccentricity;
  • social activity, the desire to be in sight;
  • the need for freedom, even after marriage.

Holders of the Venus-Uranus trine are not friends with time and are often late for important meetings. Impulsiveness in the position of the planets in the element of fire and excessive gullibility in the position in air signs bring troubles from selfish people. The native sees exclusively positive aspects of events and people, therefore he cannot believe in someone’s malice. You have to be especially careful if the aspect affects the 12th house .

Love and family under the Venus-Uranus trigon

Men and women have a rare attraction: bright appearance and sex appeal, as well as ease of communication and flirting create an abundance of fans. The owners of Venus are especially beautiful near the Ascendant , and if Uranus is there , they stand out with a highlight of their appearance, for example, with multi-colored eyes. They choose extraordinary and unlike most personalities, in which there is something wrong, in appearance or in behavior. Fateful encounters take place in unusual places, while traveling, at airports or on airplanes.

The owners of the Venus-Uranus trine themselves are prone to sudden falls in love and unexpected marriage. However, they also get divorced in an instant if they feel the infringement of their rights to freedom and creativity.

Do not expect loyalty from the carriers of the planets in the element of air and fire. A sudden infatuation and passion for a new person is often the reason for betrayal, because a platonic relationship is not for a native.

The paradox is that the physical sensibility of both men and women is poorly developed, and they need novels more to maintain self-confidence and demonstrate to others the success of the opposite sex. Earth and water signs are more permanent in affection, especially if they are based on intellectual community and financial interests.

Practical interaction with the Venus-Uranus trigon

Aspect promotes non-standard creative ideas and innovative styles, scientific inventions and innovations in the field of Internet technologies. In art, it is better to choose an avant-garde style and violate generally accepted canons to attract attention. Despite their versatile development, the owners of the Venus-Uranus trine are superficial and do not delve into the depths of people’s experiences.

They often make enemies because of careless words or harsh statements, which in an hour will be forgotten, and the interlocutor will remember for life.

For successful development, you need to develop empathy and attentiveness, oratorical skills, as well as deeply study any professional direction. Wealth is brought by collective enterprises, work in television, radio, cinema. There is a high probability of becoming a popular media personality as a video blogger.

If one of the planets of the trigon is weakened, it can be strengthened by constantly wearing jewelry with natural stones. The energy of Venus will be supported by diamond , emerald , malachite , rhodonite and rose quartz . To strengthen Uranus, you will need a labrador, fire opal , fluorite. With strong planets, jadeite is suitable as a talisman .

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