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Venus in the 7th house

One of the best positions for Venus is her being in the 7th house of the horoscope . Venus symbolizes harmony, diplomacy and friendliness, and its peaceful and peaceful nature perfectly matches the theme of the Seventh Field, which is responsible for relationships and partnerships.

Moreover, Venus is associated with creativity. The owner of the planet in the 7th house is not indifferent to the world of beauty and often shows a deep interest in the field of culture and art.

Features of the character, behavior of a person and his ability

Venus in the 7th corner house of the horoscope speaks of a person’s natural ability to negotiate and find compromises. He is charming, graceful, sociable, attractive, and has a cheerful disposition. Great mental qualities contribute to building a happy relationship with the opposite sex. It is believed that Venus in the 7th house is a sign of a successful marriage, but it still does not hurt to consider other indications of partnership in the natal birth chart .

As for business and business relations, the owner of the horoscope is a born diplomat and negotiator. He understands the needs of others, easily establishes contact and enters into trust. The native possesses the art of dialogue and attracts even the most capricious and discerning clients with his proposal.

A native’s cooperation with other people can be mutually beneficial. Partners often bring the subject good luck and success. Their positive reviews, recommendations and patronage lead to an increase in popularity and demand in society.

The owner of the horoscope feels happy when communicating with others. He loves cultural events, going out, romantic dates and meeting friends. Sometimes he is attracted to social activities. Resolution of disputes and conflicts, reconciliation of warring parties, creating an atmosphere of joy, celebration and fun – these activities bring a person glory and approval of others.

Venus and some signs of the zodiac

A person is unusually lucky in matters of partnership if Venus in the 7th house is harmonious and essentially strong. For example, Venus in Taurus or Pisces will attract a benevolent, spiritually rich, talented and always ready partner to the native.

If Venus is affected by aspects from other planets and is weak in quality (for example, Venus in Scorpio or Aries ), then the native’s personal life will be restless. A lot of effort will be spent on attracting and winning a partner, and patience will not be enough to maintain an even relationship. But still, the owner of Venus in the 7th house will not remain without a life partner under any circumstances.


Venus in the 7th house of a man

Venus in the 7th house of a man is a lucky sign, as this planet symbolizes women and relationships with them. The owner of the horoscope is amorous, prone to flirting and flirting. He has many friends, and in each of them he sees many positive qualities.

Such a man dreams of a love marriage, and, as a rule, finds for himself a benevolent, sincere, refined and gifted life companion.

Venus in the 7th house of a woman

The owner of the horoscope is charming, talented, cheerful and easy-going. She knows how not only to enjoy the positive moments, but also to create them. Such a woman perfectly realizes herself in the role of wife and mother. For her husband, she is the best companion and adviser in business, and for children, she is a cheerful and interesting companion. She knows how to captivate a child with play and introduce him to the world of creativity.

The woman knows how to inspire hope and gives good advice to numerous friends. It’s always fun in her presence. She enjoys attending cultural and creative events and has at the ready a hundred ideas for interesting pastime.

Lilia Garipova


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