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7th house in the sign of Capricorn

Without relationships with other people, a person is considered untenable: neither a happy family nor a career will turn out. Therefore, it is so important to see all the advantages of the 7th sector in an individual map: where it is more likely to meet a future husband and wife, what kind of partners they will become, and how they behave themselves in marriage and cooperation. Relationships involve both union and enmity. Having deciphered the image of the spiteful critic, it is easier to see it in reality and avoid insidious traps.

Seven-house Capricorns at a low level of development often face treachery and betrayal, and on their part there may be a calculation for a profitable marriage, but in general they are faithful and devoted family men, even if there was no special love initially. However, such individuals go down the aisle late, carefully choosing an ally partner for long-term goals.

Behavior in marriage and partnership

Men and women with the 7th house in Capricorn are convinced that marriage is work, but more often they expect that the main part of it will be done by the partner. The ascendant here falls into the sign of Cancer. Painful sensitivity to the stability of one’s position in society, the desire for stability and recognition encourage the native from early youth to take the choice of friends, business allies and, of course, marriage partners as seriously as possible.

Rarely, but there is an early wedding, if transit Saturn fell into Aries or Sagittarius at the time of falling in love, but most often the planet of order bestows a meeting with a suitable spouse after 29 years.

Husband and wife are considered by the seven-house Capricorn as a guarantor of material and emotional stability in the raging world of passions. The native resembles an iceberg with a soft, warm flame inside. Outward coldness and inaccessibility protect the flame of the soul, but protection becomes an obstacle to personal happiness, because it is not easy to let others in.

Karmically, the owners of the horoscope themselves should be responsible for tenderness and care in marriage, which requires remarkable courage and harmonious Moon, Venus, Mars. With business partners, they are dry, arrogant and usually keep their distance, but they are respected and deserve a reputation for taciturn professionals.

Marriage partner image

Seven-house Capricorns are born strategists. They carefully study all the facts related to the potential partners they like in order to understand whether they can live with them all their lives, and most importantly, what height they can reach together.

Such partners are usually wealthy and ambitious, authoritative or famous, but restrained in emotions. The owners of the horoscope with the Ascendant in Cancer want warmth along with protection from enemies and the outside world, but it is extremely difficult to find such companions in life: they are either tough and successful in business, or sensitive and caring, but not careerists. That is why the owners of the 7th house in Capricorn remain single for a long time, and when Saturn is struck, they do not marry at all.

If the lord of karma is strong and harmonious, then partners in power, rich and influential, as a rule, are much older than the native. Acquaintances take place in serious bureaucratic and government institutions, at scientific and business conferences, on mountain hikes, on a probationary internship in large corporations, when applying for a job.

The image of the enemy at the 7th house in Capricorn

The strategic thinking of the seven-house Capricorns collapses when confronted with enemies. They lack the imagination to imagine what an envious person is capable of, or they are too noble to allow the possibility of cruel revenge, and this becomes a fatal mistake, especially with Pluto in the 8th and 12th houses.

They also need to pay attention to tense aspects with Mars. The enemies are influential, vindictive, thoroughly thinking through the plan of retribution, and time does not matter here. Even decades later, opponents will deal a crushing blow. The situation is complicated by the fact that there are few real friends who could support. Cancer in the Ascendant gives a soft core of character, which explains the unexpected cowardice when attacked by ill-wishers. The owners of the horoscope go into the shadows, do not seek reconciliation, but do not fight either. Although they are far-sighted and experienced, they are easily dealt with by enemies pretending to be friends or lovers. For example, a man is a wise politician or military leader, a woman is a business woman, but next to her, wolves in sheep’s clothing are not noticed.

Elaboration of the 7th house in Capricorn

The search for a balance between vulnerability and ambition, the need for human warmth and power over others gives rise to a desire to find a partner who will give peace of mind and self-confidence. Seven-house Capricorns always doubt their attractiveness and delicacy for the opposite sex, put on a mask of impregnability when someone shows interest in them, despite a burning desire to find a home and a strong shoulder of support. Therefore, it is important for the owners of the 7th house in Capricorn to emphasize their femininity or masculinity in dealing with the opposite sex: clothing style, manners, actions, and of course, to develop charm.

It is necessary to give spiritual support, and not wait for the partner to become a psychotherapist. Also, they should not flatter themselves that a strong and determined companion will be at the same time a vest for tears. Most likely, the companion will need the warmth of the soul of the native, and then, in turn, he or she will help to gain financial and social stability.

People with the 7th house in the sign of  Capricorn really need talisman stones. They will speed up a meeting with a suitable partner and protect against enemies. With a strong Saturn, blue sapphire and amethyst should not be worn for more than 1 day. Garnets of all colors, almandine, jet, fire opal, black diamond are shown.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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