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7th house in Scorpio. One but fiery passion

According to a sign in the 7th house , marriage and business partners are determined, the circumstances of acquaintance and marriage, the behavior of the native himself in a relationship, as well as enemies. Timely harmonization of this sector will help to find harmony and happiness in love and friendship, to prevent hostile actions of envious people. An analysis of the sector will make it possible to understand where the meeting with the future life partner will take place, his character and even his appearance. This is indicated by aspects with other houses and a sign on the Descendant.

Scorpio is a sign of karmic lessons in relationships. A person attracts powerful owners, jealous and dominant in all areas of life that are important to him. Happiness depends on the level of awareness and working out of the 7th house. Quarrels can bring many problems, including physical violence.

Behavior in marriage and partnership

When the Descendant is in Scorpio, the Ascendant falls into the sign of Taurus, which means that in society, the native manifests itself as a calm, balanced lover of comfort. He painfully endures any changes and stresses, so he strives for a partner with a crisis manager talent who can easily solve his problems or satisfy the need for fiery sex, allowing him to remain outwardly a decent adherent of generally accepted norms.

The owners of the 7th house in Scorpio value privacy. A well-maintained home is their place of power, but they are too well-mannered to defend against intruders on their own. Uninvited guests, sudden checks, unforeseen disturbances to their usual comfort put them in a panic, so a person endowed with power and a strong character is needed to balance their fear. However, at the same time, there is a fear of losing the source of well-being, jealousy, suspicion, constant clarification of the relationship, which leads to breaks.

The inconsistency of the native in the need for a long union, and at the same time, the desire to bite and tease a loved one. If men and women with the 7th house in Scorpio get enough mental pleasure from such an emotional swing, they will not change, even if their intimate life lacks full-fledged sexual pleasure.

The image of a marriage partner

A native is attracted to people in power: military, police, lawyers, but any charismatic and popular personality, outwardly harsh and harshly suppressing the confrontation of enemies, will induce him to fall in love without memory, especially if you need to win and warm an icy heart.

But then the true character of the seven-domed Scorpio will come into force: to suppress and dominate if the partner turns out to be weaker than him in family relations. However, the problem is that sympathy for imperious and powerful persons often cloudes the mind, a person finds himself in the trap of a domestic tyrant and a clever manipulator. At first, the feeling of danger and endless fencing with sharp words and extravagant actions excites the blood, but when you get tired, it is too late to leave, unexpectedly finding yourself in the role of a victim, or your partner will become her. The ideal choice is a decisive, principled, creatively gifted person, energetic and sensual, but respecting other people’s personal boundaries.

It is worth taking a closer look at the spiritually developed solar Scorpions, Sagittarius, Leo.

Acquaintance often occurs in an extreme situation, during a fire, earthquake, trials, attacks, if there are aspects of Venus with Mars and Pluto. Another option is a gym, military exercises, events related to esotericism.

The image of the enemy in the 7th house in Scorpio

Enemies are a serious problem for the native. They can be dirty for years, but skillfully hiding behind the guise of a patron, friend, guardian and guessing about their hatred is very difficult. Even minor ill-wishers hide their antipathy, act surreptitiously and very thoughtfully.

If the confrontation is open, then this is a real war, since the owners of the 7th house in Scorpio are also ruthless and aggressive towards the enemy. When Venus and the Moon are affected, the enemy can be a former marriage partner who, with manic persistence, begins to take revenge and destroy the life of a once loved one.

On the part of envious people, the influence of black magic is not excluded, so if there are diseases of an unknown nature or a streak of bad luck has suddenly covered, you need to check: there was no witchcraft interference and the evil eye.

Working out the 7th house in Scorpio

To harmonize relations, it is necessary to turn to psychological constellations according to Hellinger, to work out generic programs, since the sign of Scorpio is always associated with karma. If there are serious problems, loneliness, the death of a spouse occurs under unclear circumstances, the answers lie in the native’s past.

You can help yourself on your own through the study of psychology, esoterics, astrology in particular, drawing up a family tree and searching for patterns. The danger is represented by conflicts with a partner, possessiveness, greed, the desire to turn husband and wife into a personal slave.

Other signs would come out of these situations only with moral trauma, but seven-domed Scorpios are in danger of physical pain, poisoning, and beatings. The best way to avoid this is to develop spiritually, choose a partner with high moral qualities, who can stay within the line even with a surge of emotions, and most importantly, learn to forgive and let go.

Stones-talismans will help the native in love: red garnet , malachite , hematite , coral , lava stone, and the serpentine , tiger’s eye, black onyx and rauch-topaz will save from negative influences .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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