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Mercury Square – MC (Midheaven). His own gate and key

The tense aspect between the 10th house of fame and the planet of intelligence makes it very difficult for a native to fulfill his destiny, and also hinders making friends and expressing himself in public. If Mercury is initially retrograde, the situation becomes much more complicated. He does not help to climb the career ladder, but slows down on the most crucial turns of fate.

A person has excellent mental abilities, but he does not know how to clearly convey his thoughts, gets confused in words, interrupts the interlocutor, or is noticeably lost in front of a large audience, although he is able to talk for hours alone with himself or close friends. He is often misunderstood and suspected of duplicity, even when there is no reason. Without a thorough study of the aspect, you can prove the right to personal opinion all your life and lose endlessly.

Dangers of square Mercury – MC

Quadrature gives a huge potential of energy, the main thing is to work hard and purposefully, honing your talents hidden in the depths.

The primary obstacle to the success of the owner of the horoscope is his own pessimistic attitude and depressed mood. He is often depressed and annoyed because of small failures, and if there is still a square of Mercury with Lilith or Venus , he envies the favorites of the public and chooses the path of cunning and deceit to deal with competitors.

Although square with the Midheaven itself is not considered an insurmountable barrier to success, a person will have to face their fears of public speaking and close relationships in order to overcome these complexes. There is no other way.

Men and women with the square of Mercury – The middle of heaven knows what they are capable of under favorable circumstances and get angry when others do not notice it or annoying outside interference does not allow them to fully open up. Most often, they themselves give in before the last step to success, so it is especially important to know all the nuances of the influence of quadrature:

  • oratorical and acting abilities, constrained by conventions and children’s complexes, will be revealed only with persistent practice;
  • shyness and nervous tension before important moments: exams, dates and interviews;
  • psychosomatic diseases as a way to hide from frightening situations;
  • lack of tact and diplomacy in dealing with high-ranking people: grief from the mind;
  • difficulties in defining personal style, brand, behavior in society;
  • inability to systematize knowledge leads to difficulties with memorizing foreign words, names, geographical routes;
  • poor diction and stuttering with additional negative aspects;
  • coldness in communication and emotional swing: from shyness to aggressiveness in conversation.

It is difficult for a native to stay for a long time in one of the many projects where he is attracted by people and personal interest. A restless mind must be busy all the time in order to extinguish the irritation of imperfect life. Puzzles, puzzles, crosswords are suitable as a safe tool at the household level.

Personal relationships

Men and women with the square of Mercury – MCs crave recognition for their intellectual abilities, but they have to work hard to overcome their fear of speaking in public and generally make their voices sound confident.

Probably, the parents were educated people with high demands on children, but did not spoil them with warmth and support. Hence the fear of failure.

At work, aspect bearers are often forced to obey younger executives, defending the right of personal opinion. Intrigues, squabbles, gossip behind the native’s back are not excluded, or he himself becomes their source in the struggle for a place in the sun.

Men and women with this aspect are sharp-tongued and unrestrained in their emotions about relationships related to their careers. These are disputes with management about doing business, as well as conflicts in the family if loved ones are unhappy with a low salary, dismissal or too slow promotion.

Elaboration of the square of Mercury – MC

Intellectual activity is suitable for the native, which keeps in constant tension and requires a quick reaction. Correspondent of the news department, manager or broker of a financial exchange, realtor, receptionist, travel agent, actor, photographer and TV presenter, in any of these areas the stressful component of the Mercury square – MC will be perfectly played, and with the constant development of the personality, the potential of energy necessary for career takeoff will be released … You will also need to develop a sense of tact and diplomacy.

If Mercury is in the signs of Libra, Pisces and Taurus, this is a little easier, but everyone else should carefully study the principles of confidential communication so as not to make enemies out of the blue. In working out the aspect, it is important to take into account the principles of the constellation in which the Midheaven Meridian is located, developing them. For example, Aries is courage and determination, Scorpio is intuition and charisma, Leo is the nobility and theatricality of a public image.

Courses in public speaking and acting, stage movement and dancing are required. Jewelry with emerald , chrysolite , malachite , green jasper and tsavorite will help as talismans .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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