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Venus Square – Ascendant. Rough diamond

The squaring tension is hard to ignore. It creates an intolerable desire to achieve success despite the obstacles that the soul has accumulated during incarnations. In reality, this is expressed in a lack of qualities necessary for success, and unexpected obstacles along the lines of the affairs of those houses where the planets stand. Venus is responsible not only for love, but also for the ease of contact with useful people, the ability to earn money and have fun.

In conflict with the Ascendant , which determines professional success, she creates barriers to advancement in the business sphere and does not allow me to improve her personal life. The native wants to please everyone to a pain in his heart, but resentment, painful sensitivity and weak character cause subconscious hostility in people, despite the beauty, grace and artistry of the aspect bearer. Desperate, he goes to great lengths to get applause and sympathy from the right people.

Influence of the square of Venus – Ascendant on fate

The main problem of a person with this aspect is dependence on pleasures and the need to increase their dosage. The position of the planet of love will show the area where the need for pleasure is especially great. But when it is impossible to get pleasant bonuses, the native begins to suffer.

Most often this is due to the blockage of creative energy and financial difficulties, so from a young age it is recommended to develop talents in several areas and start not just working, but deducting pension payments, investing money to form a “safety cushion”, because the quadrature turns on unexpectedly. Aspect owners are more likely to endure troubles if they can indulge themselves in luxury purchases and relax in a beauty salon. It is necessary to work out other difficulties of the Venus-Ascendant square:

  • stiffness in communication, obsessive nervous movements, excess makeup in women and excessive fashion in men;
  • the habit of indulging one’s desires, gluttony (in particular, an addiction to sweets) contribute to obesity and diabetes;
  • addiction to sexual pleasure and endless experiments in this area lead to sexually transmitted diseases;
  • resentment, hot temper, painful pride;
  • problems in marriage if the planet is hit;
  • lack of taste or a sense of proportion in clothing and jewelry;
  • sensuality in intimate relationships is manifested in stressful circumstances.

The quadrature paradox is manifested in the fact that the native attracts the attention of others, but the interest is short-lived. It is not possible to hold attention for a long time, and with additional negative factors, it even causes irritation.

Love and marriage in the square Venus – Ascendant

Men and women with this aspect are often dependent on partners. They are happy that they finally liked the representative of the opposite sex, they strive to keep him, and the breakup is perceived as a tragedy, since winning the heart of another person seems to them an incredible and daunting task. In addition, as they age, after years of marriage, they indulge their needs for pleasure, losing their slimness and freshness, which is not conducive to crowds of fans.

In adolescence, regardless of gender, the native is preoccupied with his own appearance and always with an inflection point: he adores himself to the point of insanity, resenting those who do not think so, or he seeks to improve his appearance to the ideal, resorting to plastic surgery, dyeing his hair and using decorative cosmetics beyond measure.

Sometimes the carriers of the square do not understand that the discrepancy between the external image and the internal content is the reason for failures in their personal life. However, if Venus is strong, they attract a companion who accepts their shortcomings and cares about them. They are suitable partners with airy Mars and watery Venus.

Elaboration of the Venus-Ascendant square

Aspect possessors, graceful and agile in youth, lose their flexibility over the years, becoming clumsy if they do not develop the ability to dance with regular practice. They are shown sports with an aesthetic entourage: figure skating, high vaulting, springboard, rhythmic gymnastics, athletics and, of course, dancing of any style.

You need to get in touch with your emotionality, emphasize the beneficial sides of your appearance, allow other people to provide help and support on the way to accepting your own personality.

It is not excluded to work with a psychologist and a stylist in order to finally allow yourself to be a beautiful and bright person without pretentiousness and clownery. In the search for uniqueness and detuning from fictional ideals, jewelry-talismans made of natural stones will be a great help.

They are chosen according to the element of the sign in which Venus stands:

fire – spinel, rhodochrosite, tourmaline, diamond ;

watercoral light scarlet shades cacholong , Belomoro ;

earth – rhodonite, malachite , turquoise , carnelian ;

airrose quartz , hairy, aquamarine .

The minerals are set in red or white gold, worn as a pendant, earrings or a ring on the ring finger of the right hand.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Ascendant Square Venus:


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