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Venus-Pluto square. Angel wings on calluses from the cross of fate

The tense aspect, which forms an angle of 90 degrees between the celestial bodies, is called quadrature. It foreshadows spontaneously arising difficulties in love – a consequence of the karmic pain of the past and psychological trauma received in childhood. The task of the owners of the Venus-Pluto square is to get rid of the perverted habits of consciousness to receive pleasure through pain.

They just weren’t taught any other way. In previous lives, they tormented and tormented the hearts of lovers or allowed themselves to be humiliated. The current incarnation is given for the transition to a new stage of development, in order to learn a light, divine feeling and abandon selfish infantilism.

The danger of Venus-Pluto square

The owners of the Venus-Pluto square get bored when everything is good and easy in relationships with people. They provoke a storm and strife even unconsciously, inflamed with an unmet need for acute experiences, and are able to bring even a saint to a nervous breakdown. This aspect gives great difficulties on the path of creative realization, but at the same time awakens a greedy need for recognition. This leads to the fact that a person for the sake of glory:

  • walks over corpses to the goal, agreeing to deals with conscience, crime, intrigues against competitors;
  • appeals to the low instincts of the public: shooting in porn films, scandalous talk shows, staged brawls and insults;
  • enters into marriage or love affairs of convenience with married, depraved, criminal representatives of show business;
  • teases and provokes the audience with planned lewd behavior and conversations.

In connections with the opposite sex, the owners of the Venus-Pluto square crave drama that breaks the bones of their self-esteem and sensuality, and burnt to ashes and sipping pain, they seek, in their words, other, high relationships, but cannot find, comparing them with the previous intensity of passions. A warm bond of trust will not satisfy them until spiritual growth occurs.

Even a sincerely loving partner will eventually become annoying with ideality and kindness, because they secretly believe that they are not worthy of happiness. Dissatisfaction in love translates into an amazing ability to make money, which manifests itself in the period of breakups as compensation for psychological trauma. Higher powers teach the native to transform the value system through pain, forgiveness of childhood grievances and respect for a partner.

Venus-Pluto square in a woman’s horoscope

A woman with the square of Venus to Pluto early manifests a sexual interest in peers and men much older than herself. If the planet of love is in Scorpio , this is a femme fatale, exciting the imagination with one appearance in a room, in Pisces and Cancer – a victim of harassment, in earthly signs – an ice queen with a volcano of passions in her eyes, in the element of air – a frivolous destroyer of hearts. In any case, she is perceived by men as a spoiled, accessible and dark person, which often hurts and offends her.

In fact, the Venus-Pluto woman has a masculine character. She falls in love with “bad boys” in order to become good for them through the proof of loyalty and love, but dies from their vices or is drawn into criminal delights herself. Attempts to remake a partner lead to disappointment, because he is a reflection of herself. High emotional intensity at a low stage of development leads to prostitution, scandals, striptease for show to the crowd. At a high level – a surge of artistry and popularity.

Venus-Pluto square in a man’s horoscope

Men with the square of Venus to Pluto adore inaccessible, intriguing women, but the interest is in the pursuit of the chosen one, if the native is at a low stage of development, and the passionate process of gradual conquest at a higher stage. Having achieved reciprocal sincere love, the bearer of the square cools down. If a girl does not give him Mexican passions in the form of scandals with smashing dishes, bouts of jealousy and violent reconciliation, but is tuned in to a trusting family relationship, then in 90% of cases the spouse begins to look for it on the side, humiliating the once coveted wife.

Quiet life and everyday issues scare the native. In business, he seeks to crush competitors and become the main expert or boss. In part, after gaining a high social status and prosperity, the need for moral violence against his beloved woman decreases.

How to work out the Venus-Pluto square

The well-developed Venus-Pluto square makes a person devoted, loving and compassionate, which is prevented from happening by a strong intensity of internal aggression. It needs to be removed through the deliberate creation of extreme situations in sports and art: rock climbing, boxing, fencing, stage show using fire and laser. The professions of a rescuer, investigator, actor, detective writer, astrologer and miner are suitable. In personal relationships, great attention should be paid to the diversity of sex life, creating theatrical games and visiting exotic places.

Aggressiveness and vulgarity are manifested with a weak Venus, and the desire to suppress and humiliate with an evil Pluto. For harmonization with the help of stones, it will be necessary to strengthen Venus in order to awaken the energy of pure love. Diamonds in white gold, rhodochrysolite, cacholong , malachite , white opal , quartz and sapphire will help in this . Pluto stabilizes a dark diamond , rauchtopaz .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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