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Venus-Uranus square. A hurricane of rebellious feelings

The 90-degree aspect, called quadrature, promises spontaneously arising problems and obstacles to self-expression due to persistent negative behaviors. Sometimes a person does not even understand why painful reactions arise to potentially joyful and positive events, for example, falling in love or the opportunity to get rich, and then you need to look at what the participants in the aspect are responsible for.

The square of Venus and Uranus speaks of the addiction to satisfy a spontaneously arising emotional need. This is sex at the first meeting, a quarrel up to a fight simply because of a bad mood, an impulsive marriage or divorce. The consequences are destructive, but if a person does not want to limit his will, selfishness and permissiveness create a reputation for inadequacy.

The danger of Venus-Uranus square

The native is in a hurry to feel and live. He stands out from the general gray mass with a bright style and sincere displays of emotions. He rushes to the rescue first and speaks the truth in the face of the cruel boss. However, in an effort to experience the full range of emotions, he is quick to make impulsive decisions and reprisals against enemies who may turn out to be imaginary, because he judges by first impression and does not understand the details.

The former friend will be slandered and presented with intrigue on a silver platter, and the owner of the Venus-Uranus square will not conduct an investigation. Having boiled, he instantly breaks off all ties and does not remember the past, even if deep feelings were associated with a person. Throughout life, long-term emotional contacts arise spontaneously and unexpectedly, and also abruptly break off.

The native burns out like a Phoenix every decade and is reborn with different beliefs and beliefs. Sometimes he doesn’t even remember former friends and loved ones. The main features of the Venus-Uranus square:

  • originality of thinking, the desire to invent a bicycle through new methods, which gives an interesting result;
  • impulsiveness and haste bring both genius discoveries and fatal crashes of all achievements;
  • stubbornness and inconsistency of feelings, quick mood swings and unwillingness to control emotions;
  • a tendency to eccentric antics to attract attention to yourself;
  • the strongest personal magnetism: attracts and repels at the same time;
  • imbalance, aggressive destruction of generally accepted rules and dogmas.

Venus-Uranus square in a woman’s horoscope

A girl with a Venus-Uranus square falls in love with eccentrics, inventors and artists of the original genre. She will be attracted more by a magician in a shiny leotard than a violinist in a tuxedo. When strong feelings are turned on, Uranus is activatedand gives the strongest need for freedom, giving rise to a paradox – the desire to be with a loved one and not be bound by obligations. A woman with Venus-Uranus quadrature runs away from marriage, or often divorces. Household duties and loyalty are not her style. In feelings, she appreciates novelty and sharpness, romantic courtship, sexual pleasures. As soon as the intensity of passion weakens, she begins to get bored and look for adventure on the side. The owner of Venus behaves a little more calmly in the signs of the earth, but surprises happen here too. It is necessary to beware of envious rivals, gossip and gossip, which can thoroughly ruin your reputation.

Venus-Uranus square in a man

The native likes women that are unusual, provocative in appearance and style. He falls in love with a girl with an extraordinary profession – an astrologer, mechanic, physicist, pathologist, and expects a fireworks of passions and sexual experiments from the relationship. Sometimes he himself provokes scandal or jealousy in order to experience the frantic speed of the transition from hatred to love in a stormy reconciliation. The owner of the Venus-Uranus square loves role-playing games, dating in exotic places or extreme situations.

He himself destroys relationships with the eternal paradox of the desire for freedom and the desire to get rid of it. When he is sincerely loved, he becomes unbearable, causes moral suffering, gets annoyed over trifles, provoking a break. Falling in love with an inaccessible, freedom-loving personality without a king in his head, on the contrary, demonstrates miracles of loyalty. Money can be earned in adventurous ways, but as a rule, they are always present in his wallet.

Elaboration of the Venus-Uranus quadrature

To harmonize the destructive power of the aspect, one will have to realize and accept the contradictions of Uranus , pushing for impulsive actions, and try to show originality and irascibility of temperament on stage. The owners of the Venus-Uranus square are brilliant pop, colloquial, circus and illusion artists. They can realize talents as plastic surgeons and directors of experimental films, laser and pyrotechnic shows.

The strongest neutralizer of negativity will be a psychologically stable partner who respects the freedom of the native and shares his worldview. In a relationship, you need to maintain an emotional distance, getting closer, first spiritually at the level of friendship, and after that – intimately. Financial expenses should be carefully planned and invested in long term projects.

To neutralize the impulsiveness of Uranus with the help of stones, you should often wear jewelry with lapis lazuli , star sapphire , mystic topaz and azure obsidian . Venus will be enhanced by diamonds , turquoise and malachite .

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