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Jupiter-Saturn square. Conquer yourself and conquer the world

The square between the planets greatly stimulates the native’s creativity and penetration. It is in those areas where tension arises due to the lack of mutual understanding between different celestial bodies that a desire to achieve success at all costs appears. By acting proactively but carefully, you can succeed more effectively than with multiple sextiles.

This should be remembered by the owners of the square between Saturn (limitation) and Jupiter (expansion). The karmic task is not to reconcile the enmity of the planets, but to find a balance point. Due to the complex aspect of a person, he throws himself from self-aggrandizement and bragging to a complete denial of talents and development opportunities. It takes patience and willpower to subdue the Jupiterian ego and defeat Saturnian pessimism.

The danger of Jupiter-Saturn square

It is important to analyze the position of the planets in the natal chart and determine which one is stronger. If Jupiter is in the lead , then the native stakes on glimpses of talents and seeks to go to them, ignoring painstaking work, study and development, which sooner or later will put him in an awkward position. Meeting a more professional and capable colleague will expose superficial knowledge. Strong Saturn encourages you to break through stone walls of obstacles with your forehead, blocking the possibility of bypassing them through personal charm and useful connections.

Tired of disappointment and nervous tension, the owner of the Jupiter-Saturn square believes that the world is a dirty place, and is content with a low salary and the usual routine of affairs. At the same time, fate provides many opportunities for happy changes, but when faced with obstacles and difficulties, it is necessary to think over multi-stage victorious tactics and keep promises, and not give up because of false fears.

The main problems of the Jupiter-Saturn square:

  • lack of initiative, discipline, experience and punctuality;
  • distrust of one’s abilities and intelligence, which is why preference is given to the posts of subordinates;
  • difficulties in building a career due to haste of decisions, weak will, shyness and dislike of colleagues;
  • losses in court cases, property losses due to wastefulness and trust in fraudsters;
  • betrayal of relatives and treachery of the native himself, meanness on the part of the authorities;
  • conservatism and orthodoxy of religious views, or vice versa, an enthusiastic and mystical perception of the world with the justification of failures “by the will of God”;
  • oppressive parents, lack of protection, difficulties in obtaining education (if the planets are in the 4th and 10th houses);
  • periodically there are periods of loneliness and isolation from society, especially if Saturn is in the 12th house .

Depending on the position of the planets in the signs of the zodiac and the level of spiritual development of the native, different degrees of influence of the Jupiter-Saturn square are included. The main problems arise from the habit of doubting oneself, hesitating and fearing obstacles, although the main talent is precisely in the ability to move forward and win even in the most losing circumstances.

Jupiter-Saturn square in a man’s horoscope

With the dominance of Jupiter, difficulties in achieving goals and learning. Having learned a couple of phrases in English, the native believes that he is fluent in it and quits school. Dry praise from your boss is a reason to declare yourself his best friend. He seeks to conquer a woman by pushing and praising his super abilities, not realizing that he looks funny from the outside.

If Saturn is stronger, then the native is constrained by internal complexes and the rules of decency, fearing to take the first step. With the position of the planet of order in the 7th house – difficulties with marriage or loneliness. Working with Saturn in this sector gives you strong love for life, but complex work with an astrologer and psychologist will be required. It is difficult for a native to have money: he earns with difficulty, but spends on a grand scale, which is why he often borrows. The position of the chief causes hostility, it is better to choose the position of deputy.

Jupiter-Saturn square in a woman’s horoscope

Women with this aspect like to break public rules: loudly sort things out with the police or a tram conductor. As a leader, they cling to subordinates on trifles, transferring routine duties to them, while at the average career level, on the contrary, they cannot refuse colleagues and work for themselves and for that guy.

People get married late, after 30 years. If this happens earlier, then most likely a divorce, especially if the Sun, Venus or the Descendant are in Gemini.

Having learned to hold on to the gifts of fate and show herself in the best way in her career and relationships, constantly improving herself, a girl with a Jupiter-Saturn square will be able to become happy.

Elaboration of the Jupiter-Saturn square

To harmonize the most difficult quadrature, it is necessary to learn not to give up, not retreat and not despair even in the seemingly most hopeless situation. If you do not sit with folded hands, but act, the doors will open. In addition, it will help:

  • daily business planning;
  • yoga, horse riding and qigong classes;
  • accuracy, commitment, responsibility;
  • bringing any business to the end;
  • selfless love for one’s neighbor;
  • bank deposits with interest for the future, so as not to spend everything without a balance.

With the help of natural stones, you can remove the negative manifestations of the Jupiter-Saturn square. To do this, it is better to make a custom-made ring with blue and yellow sapphire in white gold. The simpler version is purple amethyst and citrine in silver. You need to wear such a tandem on the middle finger.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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