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Opposition Moon – MC (Midheaven). Between home and career

The tense aspect of opposition creates a person of extremes. One of the participants is not strong enough, and the other is overly expressed. Nativa throws out of timidity and constraint into dashing prowess, and this happens at the most inopportune moment. There is no inner understanding when you need to show your talents to the maximum or remain silent during heightened debates with the authorities.

The planets in opposition are in hostile elements, but they can enter into one cross, cardinal or fixed, for example, which gives hope for harmonization. The opposition Moon – Meridian of the Midheaven is considered strong for the manifestation of the properties of a night luminary: an open expression of feelings, an understanding of psychology and the talent of a doctor, but at the same time, under the heat of emotions, the native makes mistakes and destroys a career, relationships, connections.

The dangers of opposition Moon – MC

Men and women are torn between the desire to enjoy watching movies over delicious food in a cozy home and to shine in a professional field, not understanding how to combine it. It is difficult for them to force themselves to go out into a world that seems hostile and cold, but the first successes are dizzy, and now the apartment and loved ones are abandoned, without attention and care.

The owner of the opposition Luna – MC does not know how to maintain a balance. Plunging into household chores, he does not have time to plan professional duties, and when he leaves for work, he cannot manage the household. However, without a home and family, an emptiness forms in the soul. The ideal option is a career in a team with a warm, soulful atmosphere, where you can openly express feelings and not be afraid to be yourself. A free schedule is also desirable, especially if the Moon is in the signs of air and water.

Straightforwardness and inability to restrain emotions makes it difficult for a native to communicate. He seeks to tell the truth, but in the heat of the moment he does not spare the feelings of other people. In general, this is a sensitive, sympathetic person, ready to help, but in a dispute and defending his position – a ruthless opponent. To level the situation and reach a new happy level of contacts, you need to know all the shades of influence of the Moon – MC opposition:

  • a rich inner world, deep feelings, paranormal abilities, intuition, attraction to secret knowledge, astrology;
  • resentment, irascibility, acute reaction to criticism in relation to their work or creativity;
  • secret enjoyment of public showdowns and conflicts, provoked independently with the dominant position of the initiator;
  • the ability to gather around your support team, based on intuition and friendship, which ultimately leads to quick success;
  • the need to belong to a system of values, a party, a family clan, which are respected and admired in society;
  • strong attachment to the places of childhood, mother, grandmother, and thanks to fond memories, the ability to withstand stress and trials;
  • competing with rivals in the profession and personal life, painful jealousy of their successes;
  • repetition of childhood scenarios and family behavior patterns, good or bad, depending on the level of awareness.

The owners of the opposition Luna – MC often refuse brilliant opportunities for self-realization due to their unwillingness to leave far from home and loved ones. Given the variety of lunar professions suitable for any zodiac sign in the 10th house , from commerce, teaching, service industries to the beauty industry, cinema, theater, diplomacy and real estate, it is better to choose a university and place of work in the city of childhood, or move with the whole family.

Personal relationships

Opposition Moon – Midheaven brings conflicts and confrontation with the mother only on condition of additional tense aspects of the Moon relative to the 4th house . More often than not, the opposite is true: the mother supports the native on the way to the goal, even if her personal ideas about happiness do not fit into the child’s worldview regarding the fulfillment of the destination.

Heightened relationships occur when the Moon is positioned in the signs of fire and earth, since the parent in these cases persists for a long time, trying to convert the owner of the aspect to her faith, imposing on him a choice of profession and lifestyle.

If the native is a man, then it is very important to defend the position before entering the university, since an open gestalt will turn into a similar confrontation with his wife.

The girl’s unworked quarrels with her mother are carried over to the relationship with the boss. It is important to defend your boundaries and opinions without insults and personalization, in a kind way. The only way to calm the moon is by love and kindness to your opponent.

Elaboration of the Luna-MS opposition

For the effective fulfillment of the destination of the bearer of the aspect, it is important to maintain a balance between harmony at home and continuous work at your favorite job. First, you should decide on the choice of a profession where the soul really sings with happiness, whether it be a stage, PR, network business or caring for children and the elderly. Good deeds will glorify the native.

Second: to study the laws of money, invest it correctly and receive dividends, since it is financial independence that will provide comfort and coziness at home, without being torn between routine duties and your favorite business.

A man with the opposition Luna-MS should clearly make sure before marriage that the spouse will be satisfied with the role of a housewife, and if she is also eager to make a career, then organize an au pair. The expectation that the wife will combine these functions is often the reason for the destruction of the marriage in this aspect.

At work, it is preferable to wear white clothes and accessories, choose an office with a light design and a friendly atmosphere in the team. Stones-talismans contribute to emotional stability and success in a career: moon , rock crystal , adularia . For women bring luck in love Belomoro and cacholong .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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