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Opposition Neptune – Ascendant. Chasing mirages

The native’s talents and capabilities are under the burden of experiences and complexes caused by opposition to the 1st house . If a higher planet is involved, especially Neptune , fogging the mind with fantasies and illusions , then it is difficult to curb the flow of one’s own and others’ emotions. After all, a person unconsciously reads the thoughts and feelings of others, and if he is far from understanding why this is happening, then he automatically considers all these experiences to be his own.

He is thrown from a positive in despair, he can get sick after a trip on public transport, tired of someone else’s energy, and take offense at a partner, seeing in a dream that he has betrayed him. The world of fantasy is no less real here than everyday life, which is fraught with mental disorders.

Features of the opposition Neptune – Ascendant

Despite the fact that the native’s talent is reading the emotions and thoughts of the interlocutor, and, accordingly, the ability to psychologically adjust to him and also in an actor’s way to become what they want to see him, most often the impression remains unfavorable during communication. The reason for this is absent-mindedness, detachment or soaring in the clouds. If the owners of the opposition Neptune – Ascendant are not interested in a person, then they will not even listen, or, being at the mercy of fantasies, where they are kings and heroes, they will demonstrate their superiority.

It’s another matter if there is a desire to please. They are excellent comrades with an idealistic mindset, a sense of community and a desire to change the world for the better. They will not betray the idea and the friend. At home, they often have a spiritual atmosphere, but often to the detriment of everyday comfort and cleanliness. Family members are focused on the inner world, art, politics, the Internet, deliberately despising home decorating, or are simply lazy to clean up.

Other features of the opposition Neptune – Ascendant:

  • unusual facial features, wandering eyes, nervous impulsive movements;
  • stoop, stiffness in gait, lack of flexibility, but if you practice dancing and gymnastics, a person becomes incredibly plastic and graceful;
  • the need for privacy and enjoyment of fantasies, watching films from which inspiration is drawn;
  • desire to live by the water, at least to have a rest on the sea or lake, and it is really not recommended to live in places where there are no bodies of water;
  • dependence on alcohol and even ordinary carbonated drinks and coffee, especially if Neptune is in the 6th house ;
  • disturbing dreams, hallucinations, suggestibility, exposure to the evil eye;
  • a deep need to be needed and loved is manifested in the embellishment of the biography and stories about oneself, the exaggeration of personal problems when a person pretends to be sick;
  • energetic vampirism, if there is no opportunity to engage in art – theater, photography, writing, poetry, choreography;
  • innate sacrifice: easily give up their goals and interests, even if others do not ask for it.

The native’s main enemies are incoherence, distraction and forgetfulness. Finding his way around unfamiliar terrain with difficulty, he easily attracts scammers, and given his gullibility and idealism, it is understandable why you should not travel to countries with a high crime rate and an abundance of street beggars.

Love and marriage with opposition Neptune – Ascendant

Falling in love, men and women with this aspect completely lose their sense of reality and landmarks of self-worth. They are ready to lay down all the achievements at the feet of their beloved and abandon things dear to their hearts, places of residence, even religion, for the sake of an all-consuming feeling.

Karmically it develops so that the victim is not appreciated or rejected, and then the owners of the Neptune-Ascendant opposition fall into depression, from which it is difficult to get out, instead of concentrating on creating success and happiness for themselves in the first place.

If Neptune is in the 7th house , then a similar situation will develop in terms of business partnerships, and given the influence of the Ascendant on professional implementation, fear of a rapid career arises, when, with obvious talents, a person is not sure of the right to a desired place in society, believes that he does not nothing special, and yields to less gifted colleagues a prestigious position.

Men and women with the opposition Neptune – Ascendant are attracted to people with problems and addictions, they feel like heroes when they try to help them overcome addictions, but often perish because of their falsely understood nobility. With additional positive aspects, marriage will take place with a creative and spiritually developed person.

Harmonization of opposition Neptune – Ascendant

In order to avoid clouding the mind in Neptunian directions, it is necessary to develop a clear code of spiritual principles from youth, not to deviate from them, even falling in love with a person with a different idea of ​​the world. The opposition sets a specific task – to stabilize the emotional state and value oneself as a creator. To do this, you need to engage in creativity, visit theaters, museums, festivals, study psychology and astrology.

Alcohol poses a great danger, even in minimal amounts provoking big trouble, not to mention drugs and sedatives. Friends and loved ones play the role of psychotherapists and mental pain healers. You will also need to develop critical thinking, not trusting fellow travelers and first comers, being careful about financial affairs. For a harmonious, quiet life, it is good to live near the sea or river, preferably with a view from the window.

Jewelry with properly selected stones will help remove distraction and isolation from reality. Blue topaz , serpentine , black coral , rock crystal and emerald will help with this .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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