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Opposition Saturn-Neptune. The ocean under the ice

The difficulties of the opposition resemble the problems of quadrature, only in this case you will have to overcome obstacles within yourself, and not fight with external constraints. The planets direct energy towards each other and the more they differ in properties, the wider the conflict of the soul.

The ocean of fantasy and creativity of Neptune   is covered with an icy crust of fears and complexes of Saturn . The enormous potential of abilities is blocked by doubts, depression, sufferer’s syndrome. If in youth the waves of self-expression are only covered with a thin layer of ice, then after 30 years, only a very strong desire to live a full life can break the long-term shackles.

The influence of opposition Saturn-Neptune on fate

The native is constantly looking for the truth, the philosopher’s stone that will free his soul, not suspecting that he himself is. In the process of chasing the bird of happiness, he is quite capable of creating masterpieces of art and literature, but he will not even notice this, busy with internal reflection. He doubts, tests the strength of different systems of worldview and communication with society, acting either decisively and ruthlessly, then becoming sentimental and romantic.

The owners of the Saturn-Neptune opposition are afraid to face their present, constrained by social masks and roles imposed by the older generation. If this is the 1st, 4th, 10th house, then the father or boss, 7, 8 – the marriage partner. In any case, your right to creative success will have to be defended boldly, decisively and tirelessly working to confirm this with facts. You will have to fight with other manifestations of the aspect:

  • unreasonable fears, unfounded feelings of guilt, impostor syndrome;
  • lack of practicality, business vein, shyness;
  • despondency, reveling in self-pity, hypocrisy;
  • suspicion, the use of intrigue, lies, rumors to achieve a goal instead of openly confronting competitors;
  • constant castling: from victims of deception to fraudsters and manipulators;
  • energetic vampirism and the use of good feelings and sympathies of other people for personal, selfish purposes;
  • inability to distinguish real friends and assistants from hangers-on and thieves;
  • resentment, selfishness, arrogance.

Despite the talent in the field of cinema, photography, sculpture and literature, the owners of the Saturn-Neptune opposition rarely attract the sympathy of others, and their colleagues find it difficult because of the mask of the eternal sufferer, which they love to wear. Over time, this is perceived as a loser stigma and alienates business partners.

Financial losses are associated with misinformation and deception, especially if Neptune is in the 2nd and 3rd houses , as well as slowness and indecision. Only Mercury in air and earth signs saves.

A person is constantly forced to choose between a sense of duty and fantasies, rules and impulsiveness, which is very difficult to do if the Sun and Ascendant are in the element of water.

Love and marriage with Saturn-Neptune opposition

Possessors of the aspect, regardless of gender, tend to fall in love with bright, inaccessible and artistic people, whom they are not supposed to be with due to social conventions or family traditions. For example, an aristocrat and cabaret dancer, a poor artist and heiress of a financial corporation.

In the 21st century, class restrictions were thoroughly erased, so the Saturn-Neptune opposition began to play out in the field of psychology and internal relations in a pair, when the creative self-expression of one partner becomes impossible in the world of the other.

Falling in love with an orthodox believer, jealous, techie who does not understand the power of art, domineering and intolerant, puts before a choice – a family with a tyrant or freedom and loneliness. This also works in the opposite direction, when the native’s rigid system of values ​​collapses due to attraction to an artistic, bohemian and childish lover. Most often, the owner of the opposition does not dare to make drastic changes, choosing a familiar world without love, and not passion and a shaky future.

Working out the opposition Saturn-Neptune

The karmic task of the owner of the aspect is to turn to face suppressed fears in the depths of consciousness and solve problems in a practical way in reality, and not in the pink world of illusions. You can get rid of the fear of failure only by allowing yourself to act and make mistakes.

You need to learn to love yourself, to defend the right to your opinion honestly and openly, giving up secret intrigues, gossip and discussions of other people behind your back, especially if there are negative aspects of Neptune with Lilith.

Creative inspiration should be structured with planning and time management. Obligation, responsibility and punctuality will add positive charm to the initially bright Neptunian aura.

Astrologers recommend resolving conflicts by open conversation and seeking a mutually beneficial solution, avoiding long-term hatred. The fact is that under certain danger factors, the native can die from the intrigues of enemies or a political coup, but if you are careful and work ahead of the curve, the probability of this is reduced to zero.

Talisman-amulets in the opposition Saturn-Neptune will be blue sapphire , serpentine and amethyst . They will bring protection from enemies, self-deception and lies of rivals, and turquoise , seraphinite and larimar will give happiness in love . Aventurine will provide a good mood .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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