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Venus-Pluto opposition. Seething passions in the volcano

Opposition between planets occurs when they are directly opposite each other, and the radiated energies collide in confrontation. This generates conflicts and contradictions in the soul, which later translates into external obstacles in building a career and relationships with others. Therefore, you need to neutralize the voltage as early as possible. After harmonizing the painful paradoxes of behavior and thinking, the tense aspect becomes the impetus for the development and improvement of abilities, as well as the knowledge of one’s dark and light side.

The Venus-Pluto opposition foreshadows the need for transformation in the realm of friendship, love and big money. A person is waiting for dramatic events, shocks and experiences that overturn the idea of ​​good and evil. The presence of Scorpio’s energy makes us subconsciously seek suffering or atone for hypothetical guilt for the need for wealth and pleasure with it.

The influence of the Venus-Pluto opposition on fate

The powerful emotional intensity of the soul from youth pushes the native to creativity: theater, literature, poetry, dancing help to reduce the degree of inner experiences and attract the attention of fans, which he desperately needs.

The main problem of the carriers of the aspect is in the early awakening sexuality, bordering on lust, since fantasies include the basest and darkest instincts, and the rude treatment of those who love them, up to cruelty, depersonalization and imprisonment.

At a low energy level of development, the owners of the Venus-Pluto opposition appropriate the creative achievements of people who sympathize or dependent on them, rising in an unfair way. They also use their incredible sexual charm for career advancement, and given the inherent ruthlessness of a character that the owner does not work on, it turns out to be a manipulator heading over to glory.

The confrontation between Taurus and Scorpio leads to the blurring of the boundaries between private and common property, when a person believes that everything belongs to him, and without a twinge of conscience expropriates the thing he likes, the chosen one of a friend, the wife of a friend. It is difficult to deny a desire-obsessed native.

The main negative manifestations of the Venus-Pluto opposition:

  • megalomania, permissiveness, denial of personal boundaries;
  • dictatorship, the desire to change a partner up to a change in his appearance and spiritual beliefs;
  • emotional sadomasochism, addiction to criminal criminals, even at the level of watching movies of this genre;
  • rejection of warm trusting relationships, the desire to destroy, provoke quarrels and strife;
  • physical exhaustion and venereal diseases due to sexual excesses;
  • enrichment through prostitution or pimping;
  • ruthlessness is included when gaining power, jealousy, possessive instincts.

Karmic dependence on the native is observed in partners of about the same age, whose Pluto in the synastry is several degrees from the planet of the opposition owner. It is recommended to start serious relationships with people several years older or younger in order to avoid unmotivated jealousy, financial manipulation and persecution, because the opposition makes the ward not only a tyrant, but also a victim.

Love relationships with Venus-Pluto opposition

Hypertrophied sensuality and emotional instability are two keys to understanding the native’s character. Sex is more important than a spiritual community and a long union is possible only under the condition of physical harmony, but not everyone can stand it.

The need to inflict and experience pain, deliberately change, fan the fire of base instincts, play with fire leads to premature death due to jealousy and fatal passion, akin to drug addiction.

Given the tendency to fall in love with crime bosses, the owners of the Venus-Pluto opposition walk along the edge of the abyss. The problem is that otherwise they are bored with life.

In any relationship, there is a struggle where one partner tries to subdue the other, but a quick victory is disappointing. At best, there is a union of agreement with a partner in the fight against the whole world.

Elaboration of the Venus-Pluto opposition with actions and stones

To harmonize the aspect, you need to strive for spiritual transformation along the lines of houses and signs in which the planets stand. Particularly difficult work lies ahead if one of them is in the sign of Scorpio. Life constantly pushes the owner of the opposition into the thick of dangerous and dramatic events, attracting toxic and complex people. First, you need to accept this alignment and choose the role of an observer without getting emotionally involved.

The second is to avoid the temptations of depraved entertainment, cultivating a commitment to good manners and in an amicable way conservative rules of communication with the opposite sex. The need for the experience of painful-sweet sensations and surges of adrenaline is satisfied by creativity – the creation of action-packed detective novels, playing in the theater, author’s painting.

The ideal profession for the bearers of the Venus-Pluto opposition is plastic surgery and psychotherapy, where the need for power and transformation is calmed at a high level.

Jewelry with precious stones will also help to find harmony. Crystals corresponding to the planets are not combined with each other, therefore, they separately strengthen Venus with diamonds in white gold, and dark diamonds and rauchtopazes corresponding to Pluto are worn for a short time, without contact with other talismans: carnelian , malachite , rose quartz , turquoise and aquamarine .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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