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Opposition Jupiter-Saturn. Sisyphus pushes a stone uphill

Opposition should not be perceived as an insurmountable obstacle to happiness. This is a tense aspect and the energies of the planets collide, giving rise to a storm of complexes and limitations in the soul, but knowing the causes and main points of pain, it is easier to defeat the demons within oneself. By changing the character and attitude to problems, the native will be able to win.

With the Jupiter-Saturn opposition, the planet of luck is shackled by chains of fear and prejudice. A person often makes mistakes in plans and calculations, takes on a heavy burden of responsibility and is nervous that he cannot cope. She dreams of being a leader and hides in the shadows when she gets a lucky chance to change her destiny. It seems that the whole world is hindering his career takeoff, but he himself tied to his wings granite slabs of doubts and prohibitions on wealth and prosperity.

The influence of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition on fate

You will have to work more with Saturn, since he is a braking force, but a weak Jupiter must be strengthened by the desire for success and noble behavior when challenged by fate. Karmic laws prevent any patronage for the advancement of a native. He must achieve everything himself. If he tries to go to college or get a prestigious job through pull, the retribution will be obvious and public: he will not cope and let the team down.

Problems often stem from childhood: parents and teachers are oppressive, criticize more than they praise, which forms low self-esteem and a fear of judgment and ridicule. Success occurs in adulthood, when work has been done on the mistakes of adolescence, it is possible that with the help of a psychologist, an adequate self-esteem has been developed. The main problems requiring reflection and reprogramming:

  • weakness, insecurity, isolation, the creation of limiting attitudes in consciousness (especially with retrograde Saturn);
  • betrayal of loved ones, encounter with fraud at work, treachery of teachers;
  • mistakes in work planning, misunderstanding of the direction for applying efforts: Sisyphean labor;
  • lack of discipline, conservatism and fanatical orthodoxy in faith with religious enthusiasm;
  • justification of failures by the will of God;
  • captivity of a monotonous routine due to indecision to leave the comfort zone;
  • legal and financial difficulties when working and traveling abroad;
  • getting into natural disasters and limiting circumstances;
  • refusals of banks to obtain loans for unknown reasons;
  • shyness and defeatist worldview.

The main mistake of the carriers of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition is in not understanding the karmic reasons for the lack of help from high-ranking officials, parents and teachers. Instead of relying only on themselves, developing talents and courage of behavior, they begin to try by all means to win the right to protection: they hypocrite, flatter, give bribes, and inform their comrades. However, this does not add to the sympathy of those in power, but only shakes the already fragile position in society. Often the family and business budget collapses, which is why you have to start everything from scratch.

Love relationship

Difficult relationships with parents have a detrimental effect on personal life, since there is no certainty that someone will love just like that. Warm feelings are trying to earn. If the chosen one is far from a positive ideal, then the native does not notice how he becomes dependent on a more self-sufficient person, his praise and approval, which are issued as a drug to strengthen power.

When meeting with toxic partners, Stockholm syndrome is produced. This is especially pronounced among the carriers of Venus in Scorpio , Pisces and Cancer , regardless of gender.

Jupiter in the 5th and 7th houses tends to fall in love with those in power. For the sake of a prestigious marriage, the owners of the opposition are ready to sacrifice their personal interests and even change their worldview.

Saturn in similar houses gives delays in finding family happiness through the law or unforeseen circumstances. It can also be excessive caution and fear of repeating the fate of the parents, which subconsciously blocks the native’s attractiveness and promotes isolation and loneliness. The favorable aspects of Venus and Mars greatly increase the chances of a happy relationship.

Elaboration of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition

With the position of Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn , a person awaits tremendous success in his homeland, subject to a combination of soldier’s fortitude, patriotism and work for the good of the people. In other cases, you need to break through on your own, approaching the stars through obstacles.

The karmic task of the owners of the aspect is to bring what has been started to the end without overstraining and hard “monkey labor”. Usually they either give up the business halfway with big losses, or, with a strong Mars, finish it, but pay with a stroke or a heart attack, exhausting themselves with nervous experiences. It is necessary:

  • delegate authority to knowledgeable assistants and experts;
  • stop worrying about the opinion of others on the result of the case;
  • competently plan the workload of the work process, distributing feasible work for each day;
  • emotionally detach from intrigues and enemy attacks, watching as a performance from the side.

Success according to Jupiter – fame, honor, money, will come only with the development of the highest qualities of Saturn: hard work, patience, will and justice. Decorations with alexandrite will help to bring vitality, passion and creative energy to the surface : be sure to pair. Material well-being will be attracted by ametrine and yellow sapphire , and iolite, dioptase and demantoid will help in love. Blue Sapphire is not recommended for Jupiter-Saturn opposition.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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