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Saturn in the 4th house

Saturn is a planet with an evil nature, and its location in any of the corner houses makes a person's life less joyful and happy. If the planet in question is in the Fourth house of the horoscope, then difficulties and problems await the native in the house and family. The feeling of coldness, hopelessness and constraint does not leave him in the place where he lives. Attempts to create comfort and beauty in the home lead to cluttering up the space.

In addition, the fourth house of the radix is ​​responsible for the native's parents (to a greater extent, for the father). Family relationships will always be important for the owner of the horoscope. He will have to overcome a lot in relations with his parents, help them in difficult times, and solve difficult issues with them. The father can both support the subject and limit his actions. Much depends on the strength of the planet and its aspects .

Saturn always narrows a person's capabilities and forces him to overcome obstacles. The owner of Saturn in the 4th house feels the inconvenience associated with housing. This may be too small a space, unimportant living conditions, the absence of a separate room, the need to endure the presence of unpleasant people and obey their rules. The native, persistently overcoming these problems, eventually acquire their own housing. He also owns land plots, garages, cellars, office premises, etc.

Characteristics and features of human behavior

The owner of the horoscope is distinguished by homeliness, thrift, frugality and secretive nature. Despite maintaining ties with the parental family, such a person strives for independence. He will feel more comfortable and protected when he heals with his home and makes life decisions on his own. Of course, the parents of such a person often interfere in his personal affairs and dictate their will, but, on the other hand, Saturn in the 4th house speaks of family cohesion and the ability to unite in difficult times.

Parents teach the native to discipline, and from childhood he gets used to performing many household duties. Subsequently, he tries to instill the skills acquired in childhood in his children. At home, the owner of Saturn in the 4th field can be authoritarian, controlling and tough. It is important for him that everyone in the family obey his rules and guidelines.

A person with Saturn in the 4th house works hard on their territory. His strength is enough not only for household chores, but also for summer work.

Saturn and zodiac signs

The most successful is the situation when Saturn is in the signs of its power. Its location in Capricorn and Libra brings the native success in matters related to housing and real estate. Real estate activity, employment in agriculture, renovation, design work, etc. can provide good income.

Saturn in signs of his weakness (in Cancer , in Aries ) will create difficult problems at home and in the family. Dissatisfaction with their place of residence can result in a long journey.

Saturn and its aspects

If Saturn in the 4th house has harmonious aspects, then the efforts of the owner of the horoscope to ennoble his own territory will not be in vain. Whatever problems happened at his home, he will always find a master, acquire the necessary equipment, make a rearrangement or redevelopment, and these actions and transformations will help improve the situation.

Saturn in negative aspects makes a person unsociable and intolerant. It is difficult for him to find a common language with other family members, and not everyone will be ready to endure his tough and quarrelsome nature. A weak and negatively aspected Saturn can lead to loneliness and reclusiveness.

Lilia Garipova

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