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Sextile Moon – MC (Midheaven). The gift of empathy

The Meridian of the Midheaven in the 10th house will show in which area it is easiest to achieve fame and success, and the planets in aspects – the ways to achieve the planned and quality of character, talents, people-assistants on the path of professional development of a native. Astrologers advise taking into account the signs of the zodiac of the 10th house and the place where the planet stands, forming a sextile to the MC.

The moon in this aspect is an indicator of a kind and compassionate heart, developed intuition and faith in miracles. This is Cinderella, who spreads rays of happiness and love to those around her, thanks to which she receives a generous return from higher powers, even if circumstances do not dispose to this. The native’s mother is just a good fairy who contributes to the development of talents. She helps spiritual and creative development, heals and inspires.

Influence of sextile Luna – MC on fate

The native’s attentiveness and compassion dispose others to him. The harmonious aspect (without the additional striking connections of the Moon) guarantees a warm relationship with the boss and colleagues. When the owner of the horoscope becomes a leader himself, he forms a team according to the principle of a large family, takes care and protects his subordinates from stress and overwork.

The main gift of sextile is the ability to understand the needs and desires of people, reading them in an almost telepathic way. This provides excellent actors, psychologists, insurance and advertising agents, realtors, travel agency employees, doctors and educators.

Most often, a person works in a women’s team, and emotional pleasure from work is more important for him than money income, although outstanding abilities do not allow him to live in poverty, but he does not chase after a long ruble. The bearer of the aspect will never go headlong to the goal, well understanding how strong the emotional pain from unfulfilled hopes is. But it also makes him indecisive and creates fear of competition.

Other important features of sextile Luna – MC:

  • rich imagination and original plans to implement professional goals;
  • solicitude, graceful manners, thoughtfulness and good taste;
  • a keen interest in the traditions and values ​​of the past, the classical concepts of good and evil, a desire to improve the world;
  • clairvoyance, high energy, the ability to treat physical and mental ailments;
  • reliability, responsibility, the ability to quickly adapt to any conditions, creating comfort even in a shabby dorm room;
  • self-confidence and worldview strongly depend on the emotional state;
  • psychological understanding of the inner world of a particular person and social moods in general;
  • dignified and calm behavior even when reaching the level of world fame or high social status.

Bearers of the aspect should avoid strong emotional stress. Failure in love can negatively affect professional success, as the native simply does not want to think about work. If the Moon is in the 6th house , and Neptune is near MC , it is difficult for a person to decide on the choice of a specialty. For many years he will try different directions before realizing his calling.

Personal relationships

As in other aspects with the participation of the Moon, women will contribute to the upward movement. A man with such a horoscope needs to learn to treat the opposite sex with respect and care, as this is an important component of success. The wife is likely to become a faithful companion and muse, helping to rise higher and higher.

Women should take care of their girlfriends and ask them for advice more often. It is preferable to work with a boss rather than a male leader. Usually, the owners of the aspect love communication, they have many friends, and the doors of the house are open for guests and relatives.

It is important for a native to return from work to a comfortable home, where he is loved and accepted with all the mistakes and problems. This is a necessary success factor. Family problems are immediately reflected in failures, lower wages, breaks in contracts and, as a result, nervous diseases.

If there is no warm relationship with the mother, then the energy of success is blocked. You need to forgive your parents and recognize your right to a better life.

Practical interaction with the sextile Luna – MC

It is equally important for men and women to have their mother approved of their actions. If dreams go against her idea of ​​a successful career, it will take a long time to work through this stress with a psychologist.

It is also difficult for them to exist in a team with a cold business atmosphere. A rich imagination paints pictures of personal hostility on the part of colleagues, which unsettles and does not allow them to fully express themselves. However, freelancing is inappropriate here, since success is born in live and direct contact with the public.

With harmonious interaction with the audience, the native flourishes, attracting even more brilliant opportunities for promotion and material well-being. This is more difficult to achieve alone. It’s important to trust instincts and intuition.

To enhance the talents of the Moon, mascot stones in the form of jewelry are suitable: pearls of all shades, mother of pearl, white corals , adularia , rock crystal .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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