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Sextile Pluto – Ascendant. Good under the cloak of the black magician

Despite the beneficial effects of the best aspect of the horoscope, the volcanic nature of Pluto , in contact with the Ascendant, creates an aura of dark infernal charm. All fateful events in life will be associated with secrets, shocks, disasters, the study of the subconscious and working with it. Nativa stressful events affect only tangentially, being a trigger for the awakening of magic in the soul and understanding what a huge power he can control, changing the course of events and the fate of people.

Since childhood, in search of a destination, the owners of the sextile Pluto – Ascendant with crystal clarity find it precisely on the verge of life and death, but not necessarily their own. Death, as transformation, does not frighten them, but awakens the desire to be a guide between the secret and the explicit world. The temptation to force people to do their will through hypnosis and spells must be avoided, because this is easy, but it leads to the destruction of karma. The more selflessness, the better fate.

Influence of sextile Pluto – Ascendant on destiny

Having chosen the side of the world, the native becomes the master of life, equally understanding the structure of the dark and heavenly side of the universe, which will not happen if he stays with black magicians. Sooner or later they appear next to him, feeling a great potential for strength. These can be hypnotists, psychotherapists, psychics with selfish intentions, accustomed to using human fears for personal enrichment, who are looking for a student for themselves. This must be understood by cultivating resilience in oneself against material temptations.

Outwardly, men and women with the Pluto-Ascendant sextile are incredibly attractive, mysterious and seem to be alien creatures, the secrets of which you certainly want to reveal. There is something dark about them: color of eyes, hair, skin, or fiery, if there are aspects with Mars . They know their worth and although they do not strive to be in the center of attention, a high position in society gives them the necessary comfort and peace of mind, therefore they make useful connections from their youth, not fawning and not pleasing, but calmly declaring the right to power and wealth.

Other salient features of the aspect:

  • intelligence, versatile erudition, tremendous concentration and memory;
  • the ability to keep feelings under control up to complete external equanimity, but in reality there is a volcano of passions in the soul;
  • the desire to change the world and people around him for the better, sometimes imposing his own picture of the world;
  • determination, self-confidence;
  • interest in death, magic, crime and the dark side of the psyche, which is expressed in reading books, watching films and choosing a profession: criminologist, investigator, detective, lawyer, detective, pathologist;
  • money is a means for managing reality, and luxury is a normal environment for comfortable doing things that are interesting for a native.

The most striking manifestation of these qualities occurs if Pluto or Ascendant are in the signs of Scorpio and Aries. Any takeoff in the life of the owner of the aspect will be preceded by a temptation and meeting with the shadow side of oneself. With the right choice, success and wealth are guaranteed.

Love and marriage with sextile Pluto – Ascendant

Men and women with such a sextile love deeply, truly and passionately. These are, as a rule, monogamous, but the Plutonian thirst for domination is manifested in jealousy, the desire to control the thoughts and actions of the chosen one, as well as in jealousy, although, since the aspect is favorable, the native controls the destructive feelings.

They break out only when Venus and Mars are positioned in fire signs. If Pluto is in the 7th and 8th houses , then the life partner will serve the spiritual and career transformation of the owner of the sextile.

Perhaps the native will understand what he really wants to do in life or will gain an understanding of religion as the basis of his worldview.

A person perceives the loss of a spouse painfully, believing that marriages are made in heaven, and often does not want to connect fate with others, feeling a close connection with a loved one in the subtle world.

Sexual harmony plays a major role along with spiritual community, therefore the native is drawn to the owners of Mars and Venus in Scorpio , Leo and Aries, but compatibility with water signs is higher than with fiery ones.

Strengthening sextile Pluto – Ascendant with talisman stones

The owner of the aspect always has many enemies. Most often they have magical knowledge and can try to harm on the subtle plane. Protection of the sextile lasts until about 30 years, later much depends on the spiritual experience of the native. It is recommended to attend church or read daily prayers. Envious and spiteful critics also appear in business, because the patronage of influential persons and the ability to attract finances with a magnet irritate less successful colleagues. The protective function will be performed by correctly selected mascot stones, taking into account the position of Pluto in a certain element:

fire – red tourmaline, garnet , blood hematite , vanadinite;

wateralexandrite , black diamond and pearls , volcanic glass;

earth – bull’s eye, obsidian , brown garnet , sultanite;

air – hawkeye, smoky quartz, vesuvian.

Jewelry-amulets are recommended to be framed in dark metal, for example, blackened silver, and worn on the index finger. Large minerals work great but are not recommended to be worn daily.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Ascendant Sextile Pluto:


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